Comments about Balhvit Fidget Spinner, Ultra Durable High Speed Hybrid Ceramic Bearings Hand Spinner with Shatter Resistant POM Frame, EDC Finger Spinner Spins up to 3+mins, Tri Spinner Fidget Toy for Kids/ Adult

Balhvit Fidget Spinner, Ultra Durable High Speed Hybrid Ceramic Bearings Hand Spinner with Shatter Resistant POM Frame, EDC Finger Spinner Spins up to 3+mins, Tri Spinner Fidget Toy for Kids/ Adult

High Speed Balhvit Hand Spinner Fidget Toy with Stainless Steel Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

Product Features:• No more 3D printed and ABS frame! Great POM frame construction provides higher hardness and shatter resistance function. Durable to keep it years by years.• High Speed Anti-rusty Stainless steel hybrid ceramic bearings, ensure the smoothest rotation and balance.• Ergonomic curved shape design for hand comfort and long term use.• Guarantee 3+mins Spin Time! This depends on the power you use to spin.

Function:• Perfect for ADD & ADHD sufferers Relieve Stress and Anxiety• Perfect size to carry in your pocket every day, take it out and have fun anytime. Small gadget that helps kill time.• Help people quit nail biting, smoking, leg shaking and all types of attention disorder issues. Ideal for people to stay awake.• Effective for focus and deep thought. Simple Play, Interesting and fun.

How to use:Hold spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly and keep it spinning indefinitely by using small continuous strikes. Spinners can start or stop spinning only with the help of one finger. Please watch the video if you are new to this spinner.

Specifications:Material: POM + stainless steel hybrid ceramicColor: Black

Package List:• 1 X Hand Spinner

Note:Not suitable for children under 4 years old. Please use under the supervision of an adult.

Professional and Friendly Customer Support:• Spinner Fidget Toy with great bearings for ultra smooth spin, give you the satisfaction you're looking for a Fidget Hand Spinner! Any problem about our product, please do not hesitate to contact us. We promise friendly customer service. Always on your service!

Comments about Balhvit Fidget Spinner, Ultra Durable High Speed Hybrid Ceramic Bearings Hand Spinner with Shatter Resistant POM Frame, EDC Finger Spinner Spins up to 3+mins, Tri Spinner Fidget Toy for Kids/ Adult
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Comments :
Great spinner. I've tested many, but this one is perfect. It's sleek and spins so smoothly and for about 4.5 minutes on a really good spin. But I'm absolutely positive it could go longer. My 7 year old likes learning new tricks to try and us actually pretty good. Not only is it good to keep my kids busy. It also helps with my forever ongoing anxiety. This spinner is higher quality the ones I've tried in the past for the same price or sometimes more. I'll definitely purchase again and highly recommend grabbing one.

This is a good spinner.
Is the simple design that you most commonly see. The difference for me is that this one doesn't look cheaply made. I see them at the mall all the time for $3-5, in different colors and with lights etc but if you have seen the videos going around on Facebook, some of those spinner break and have heard little kids. So don't buy those cheap ones.
This one seems very solid.

The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it came with a weird strong smell. My uncle says that is probably an oil that they put on it to better spin. The smell did go away a little by little after cleaning it for a while but still. Weird that it came like that.

My Grandson loves these. I couldn't figure out what was the draw on these until I got one myself. Wow! It was so addicting I just wanted to keep spinning it. The spinner is so smooth and comfortable in my hand. I can tell it is really durable and designed well. The instructions say that it helps kids with who have all types of attention disorder, nail biters, smoking, ADD and ADHD. It's just fun to play with. I think it would be great to play with when you are waiting for people like doctors, dentist or just anyone who is trying your patience. I think I am going to keep it in my purse for fidgety grandkids or myself when I'm bored or need to really focus on something.

Very well packaged and arrived promptly. This spinner is amazing. Very smooth and spins amazingly fast. There are two (2) minor flaws.
1. The spinner has an oily smell to it
2. It wobbles slightly at high spins

Still, I love this spinner for just fidgeting.

This is a very nice fidget spinner! It's very quiet, spins super fast and it has a good weight to it. The spinner is very smooth to the touch and spins for over 3 minutes. This has helped my son to fidget less often by keeping his hands busy. My son has a fidget spinner collection and this is one of his favorites! This works great for anyone who suffers from Autism, ADHD, Sensory or anxiety. Great purchase and great quality!

 This fidget spinners is awesome! it has some weight to it and is very balanced. It spins very smoothly, which I think the weight helps with. The plastic is nice and smooth, feels good in the hand This is by far a better spinner then others we have.

I'm happy with this fidget spinner, however it doesn't spin as smoothly as I thought it would. It was really greasy when I pulled it out and smelled like grease. We had to clean it off. But it's fun to play with.

This is a very solid well built spinner. My daughter has a few and this is one of the better ones she has now. She's a very hyperactive little girl and these things seem to calm her down a lot. Highly recommend.

ok so I know this fidget spinner looks like all the other ones but I can definitely say it's quiet and spins for a long time. this is the spinner for someone who just wants a long spin time

This Fidget Spinner Is Very Attractive And Useful I Personally Have Anxiety Problems So This Fidget Spinner Has Been Very Useful To Me Helping With My Anxiety And Nervousness I Love Playing With This Spinner It's Awesome And I Love The Sleek Black Design And The Spinner Is Just The Right Weight Very Balanced And The Materials Are Well Made

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