Comments about VICTOREM Fidget Spinner Aeroship Design Sturdy Zinc Alloy Stainless Steel Bearing Balls EDC Hand Toy ADHD Focus - From MSKJ Company

VICTOREM Fidget Spinner Aeroship Design Sturdy Zinc Alloy Stainless Steel Bearing Balls EDC Hand Toy ADHD Focus - From MSKJ Company

Comments about VICTOREM Fidget Spinner Aeroship Design Sturdy Zinc Alloy Stainless Steel Bearing Balls EDC Hand Toy ADHD Focus - From MSKJ Company
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Comments :
Due to my ADHD, I have several fidget gadgets to keep me from annoying everyone around me with my tapping, humming on the table with my fingers, tapping my foot etc.
It spins for what seems like forever.
The best part for me is the gyroscopic effect when u tilt it slightly in different directions.
It feels like its rotating around your finger.
Just a slight stimulation like this can help me concentrate on conversations longer.
I love the shape of this spinner. I haven't seen a spinner with this unique shape to it. The "fins" that come out slightly, help to keep it moving when you flick it.
With the speed and amount of time this spins for, the center ball bearing must be of a high standard.
It is quiet while it's spinning as well.

If I could afford it I would have a drawer and pockets full of different ones.
I would love to try the different ones they do.
I'm sure people around me would as well.
If you’re a casual fidgeter or have full blown ADHD, this comes HIGHLY recommended from me.

 First hand spinner I bought and I got it out of curiosity from seeing it on other websites so I don't have a comparison to what you can find on the market I'll just tell it like it is.

The box comes with what you see and nothing else: The metal made VICTOREM Spinner.
Nice weight and perfect size fits in pocket very well.
Spins for 3mins on a two handed spin.
Bearings are very smooth so does not decelerate very quickly.
Comes with metal caps so feels nice and can spin on tables.
Ergonomic and small so won't brush up against your palm as much.

If you haven't owned a hand spinner before, I imagine it's quite awkward to do with one hand at first but it gets better over time. I tend to hold it between my thumb and index finger and spin it with my ring or middle finger for one handed.
It's quite easy to use while watching TV, reading a book or at a lecture. It won't ruin your concentration unless you try to focus on it, it can be done as a natural habit like biting your nails and for some people it in fact helps their concentration.
One interesting thing you don't hear about is that when spinning they act as a gyroscope making it easier to hold upright and gives an interesting resistant force when you gyrate it, that alone has kept me stimulated for quite a while.

Definitely a decent product and highly recommended.

Been looking for one of these for a while online but put off by either the shape or materials used. Just wanted to be able to throw it in my pocket with keys and bits and not have to worry about it being damaged. The material is really nice, it's so sturdy. The size is just right, no bigger than it needs to be, don't notice it in my pocket so is a permanent part of my edc.

Best one i ever had no BS. Timed at 7:20 seconds

This is one of the best fidget spinners with no doubt. Average spin time is 4-5 minutes. Feel sturdy in hand. When it spins in the sun, it'll surprise you. Buy this one.

I am a special education teacher, and due to the fidget spinner craze over the last few months, I have been unexpectedly hooked on these little things. I have been planning some math lessons using spinners and I have been buying several different types. The Aeroship by Victorem is the best one I have come across. The machining is smooth and high quality, the bearings are quiet, the physical weight feels good in the hand, and on my first spin I got 8 minutes and 23 seconds. It beat out all the others by over 3 minutes. It's also the best looking one I have seen. Whether or not spinners actually help people concentrate (they distract the dickens out of me and my students), they are a fun, simple, and addicting toy. This one will not disappoint.

Like it very much! I bougth it with a handsome price. Would recommend to my friends.

I have always been a fidgety person, so I am totally loving these spinners! So far, this is my favorite, I love the feel, I love the weight, and I love the style! Really great quality! It did take some time to arrive, but well worth it! This was the first try at a table spin, lasting over five minutes from start to finish!

This spinner has good quality material. It can be taken apart for cleaning. It has a nice heavy weight. Took me a bit to get a good grip on it for one handed spinning, but it's nice. Not a problem really but it is a preference. The spin is smooth with no wobble. It's not silent but it is on the quieter side.

Spinner is great. The only thing I have to complain about is that it seems a bit off balance when spinning as it shakes a little. But other than that, this thing will spin for 4 minutes on a table top. Very satisfied

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Feature: Colour:Black Diameter:2.15 inches Thickness:0.3 inches Package Included: 1*Fidget Spinner The spinner can used this way: Hold the spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly. Using small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely. With practice, spinner can be
Feature: Weight:0.12b Diameter:2.3 inches Thickness:0.5inch (with caps) 0.3 inches (without caps) Material: Silica gel Bearing: Steel balls Note: Please allows 0.05-0.1 inches error as manual measurement. Package Included: 1 * Aeroship Fidget Spinner The spinner can used this way: Hold the