Comments about WeFidget's Original Fidget Spinner, 3-5 Minutes Spin Time, High Performance R188 Bearings, Light Frame, Balanced, Perfect for Tricks and Competition,!

WeFidget's Original Fidget Spinner, 3-5 Minutes Spin Time, High Performance R188 Bearings, Light Frame, Balanced, Perfect for Tricks and Competition,!

We spend a lot of time finding the right materials for our Hand Spinner. Unlike the other hand spinners or fidget spinners, ours make little to no noise! What does this mean? This means you can play it anywhere without annoying the people around you! Spin time is important to some, but we felt that usability and playability was most important. We want our Fidget EDC Spinner toy to glide smoothly, make no noise, and overall feel really satisfying. EDC spinners, Fidget Spinners, or other Fidget Toys out there make noise. Most Fidget Spinners “Whistle”, which can be very annoying. We designed this model to be discrete. Fidget Cubes, click and snap, which annoy a lot of people. This toy is the perfect hand spinner for sensory kids. Gives them something to do! Our Fidget Spinners are extremely high performing. We don't cheap out on our bearings. We use the same bearings in our ABS plastic models and premium models. What does this mean? This means our lower cost spinners perform as smoothly as our premium models. You can achieve high spin times with minimal lose levels. Destroy the competition in spin time. Or even spin it without distracting others!

Comments about WeFidget's Original Fidget Spinner, 3-5 Minutes Spin Time, High Performance R188 Bearings, Light Frame, Balanced, Perfect for Tricks and Competition,!
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Comments :
Very fun. Take a bit to learn how to use but very fun.

I picked this up for my wife since the kids she teach have these and she wanted one of her own. I picked this one because of the bright colors and she loved it. I tested the spin time and it runs just under 3 minutes with a good spin. Definitely would recommend this well build spinner!

These are great little spinners. I purchased 3 for the kids who asked for them and I ended up keeping one for myself. On average, If i use one hand to hold and the other hand to spin, i can get it to spin for about 2 minutes. If i use only 1 hand to both spin and hold, I goes for about 1 minute. You do need to practice a little to get the one-handed spin down and people will small hands (the kids) may have a hard time. However, this hasn't stopped them from enjoying them while doing homework or reading or watching TV.

This is the first spinner i have purchased. It. Is not bad as far as quality goes. I had to glue the bearings in so they wouldn't fall out. And the size makesit a little difficult to spin with one hand and i have large hands. Other than that its great. It helps alot to keep my hands busy.

I bought this along with a "stress cube" and i gotta say, I haven't really used the cube at all.... I'm hooked on the spinner! It's so simple, yet so cool. It's very quiet, so it doesn't drive the people around me nuts (like when i click my pen). One gripe, and it's not that bad... It came with a whole bunch of grease all over it. I get why. But it would have been nice for someone to take a paper towel to it like I did to wipe away the excess. It was pretty tough to hang on to out of the box.

My son wanted this and it was confusing with all the of the on-line choices. This product came on time and was exactly what he was looking for and worked the way he was hoping! When he first got it, he could get it to spin for over a minute. He has used it a lot since- and we have had to use wd-40 to smooth out the bearings. That has helped. But, after over use, he is all ready saving to order another one and his brother wants one too! We will definitely reorder from the same seller.

Mostly quiet... I've had to re-lube the bearings after about a week... but I think I might be considered a 'heavy user.' It really helps to occupy my mind while trying to concentrate on something else. Perfect fidget toy. It's only distracting in groups when I REALLY get it going. The rest of the time it stays relatively quiet.

Spins nice and has a good hand feel. We bought the white and the wood and the white spins better. The wood one was slightly different. My 9-year-old son was able to spin the white one with ease but struggled a little with the wood one, even though they are the same size. Overall great products!

I got this for my son who has ADHD. It has helped him focus in school the only thing is that we had to tell his teachers it was not a toy but a tool. The only bad thing is that I found it as he was an 8th grader, the things it could have done if I found it sooner.. Best thing out there for ADHD. It has already proven to work and very pleased with the outcome..

I'm giving this five stars because I think it's a perfect fidget gadget... if you have adult sized hands. For my purposes, I needed something a bit smaller for kid- and teen-sized hands, and I eventually got some cheaper plastic ones on Etsy. They're not as pleasing visually (plastic vs. wood) and they're 3-D printed instead of handcrafted like this beautiful item I'm reviewing... but they're functional for fidgeters with smaller hands, which is what I needed.

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