Comments about InTree Fidget Spinner Rainbow, Super Fast 6 - 8 Minutes Spin, Metal Tri-Spinner EDC Hand Finger Spinner with Case

InTree Fidget Spinner Rainbow, Super Fast 6 - 8 Minutes Spin, Metal Tri-Spinner EDC Hand Finger Spinner with Case

Product Description: 1. Rainbow fidget spinner, average spin time 6-8 minutes. 2. Detachable high speed stainless steel bearing. 3. Stress reliever, promotes calm, focus and strength. Features: Color: Rainbow Diameter: 2.36 inches (6CM) Thickness: 0.2 inches (0.5CM) Net Weight: 3.2oz (90g) Notes: 1.Oil free bearing, DO NOT apply lubricants, which will increase resistance. IN CASE the dust gets in, please clean using alcohol, DO NOT use water. 2.Product color may differ slightly from photos due to the lighting during photo shooting or the monitor settings. Package Includes: 1*Fidget spinner 1*Fidget spinner case 1*Small screwdriver.

Comments about InTree Fidget Spinner Rainbow, Super Fast 6 - 8 Minutes Spin, Metal Tri-Spinner EDC Hand Finger Spinner with Case
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Comments :
I totally was not expecting this to spin for no 8 min when I ordered this despite the reviews. Most of them are highly exaggerated. However the first time I timed it I just gave it a moderate spin and it was son needed to out do me and his was 9:23. So yes it spins for as long as they say. The one I received had no balance issues and was pretty quiet...until I dropped it on concrete. Now it makes a little more noise but still spins fine.
I bought this on because I lost another metal on and I love these things as I am always fidgety.
Highly recommended!

It's quite a pleasant experience having this product, below I summarize the pros and cons:
- Spin time is longer than I expected, and also longer than the seller claimed. Most of my spin time is actually longer than 8 minutes, with a few times even longer than 9 minutes, which is incredible.
- There is almost no difference when you spin it right side up or upside down. I tired other spinners, when spin upside down, the spin time is significantly shorter.
- Quality is one of the best, comparing with other spinners I own. It's a metal one, pretty heavy and durable.
- Comes with a leather case and a screwdriver for maintenance. The case is super convenient to carry around the spinner.

- A little bit oversized for my 2-years-old daughter's hands, but I understand it's not for such little kids.

I ordered two cheaper fidget spinners and it took too long to ship and I still have not received them yet. This one gave my sons a happy surprise and they started to play it immediately. They liked the fact that they can start the spin and change the directions to observe the rainbow under the light without affecting the spin. My younger son also said it made a nice humming sound when listened closely. The quality seems to be very good and the rainbow is a plus.

LOVE this spinner! It's so beautiful and you can feel the quality. It's very heavy, but the spin is so smooth, fast and long, that it immediately feels lighter once it spins.

I love how this one looks like high gloss glass when spinning. The iridescent colors make beautiful designs in the light.

This is the first spinner I purchased for myself, butbi have five children that each have owned at least one. For the most part, they paid jist a little less, but the quality is notbeven comparable to this one. I will definitely be buying these for gifts.

I have to comment on the seller. I had a small issue with the first spinner not being absolutely OCD perfect. The seller was so awesome and fast. Top notch, above and beyond customer service!

Very heavy, standard SS 608 bearing. The rainbow finish is superb. It comes in a nice case with a tool for replacing the bearing when/if you want to do so. First table spin with this spinner yielded a 4m35s spin...which is what I expected from a spinner this heavy. I have a few spinners, such as the Gorilla Spinner, which is a great spinner, but its a lot lighter, so the spin times are way less. If you want a heavy spinner for long spin times, this is a very good choice. I plan on swapping in a ceramic 608 and seeing if I can get the spin times into the 5+ minute range.

Great finish, replaceable 608 bearing.
Heavy = very long spin times

Mine is a bit loud. There is a high pitched whirring noise that it makes at higher speeds that could annoy some people in a very quiet space like a classroom, library, or office. This is more pronounced on table spins. It doesn't bother me, but its worth noting.

High quality product, it is not cheap one, the color is really pretty, and it is so much fun to play with it.

It spins longer than what I expected, and I could not stop play with it.

It is metal and quiet heavy, so I am sure it will last longer time.

If you want a fun product, this is highly recommended!!!!!

Origina Title: It's ok but spins no where around where it claims to be. Mine may be a dud.
Update Title: Changed to Wow Best One Out there!

Please Read - Updated Review below

Well Got the Fidget spinner in today it spins no where around what it claims to be. Mine with the most powerful spin i can possible get on it was about 1 minute 10 seconds. It doesn't sound like it is rolling smooth when at higher RPMs and is also not a balanced spinner. Mine has a heavy side and it seems to rest in the heavy spot once it slows to a stop, and i have been able to repeat this consistently.

The Finish is nice
Allot smaller than i expected but then again i never seen one up close - so can't knock it for this.
Over All i do like it, just disappointed with the spin duration under a 1.3 minutes no matter how much spin i put on it.
most the times it is under 1 minute with an average spin.

Out of 10 good spins i averaged about 48 seconds the longest was 1 minute and 20 seconds.
My son has a plastic one that spins longer than this thing. I used an air compressor to give it the best spin and it lasted for a little over 2 minute sand 13 seconds. Actual Time (02:13.52)

UPDATE REVIEW (06/02/2017):
First off let me stat this is not a paid review, this is an honest review from a person who originally purchased, had an issue, and sent it back.
...Read On...

Well I am speechless - As you can see from my prior review i had a spinner that did not spin anywhere near the claimed 6-8 minutes because mine spun on average less than a minute i did what any normal people would have done i sent it back and contacted the seller. After reporting the issue that i had with the fidget spinner i ended up receiving an email from InTree Global the next business day. Long story short they sent me another spinner and apologized for the issue(s) i experienced with the last one and also stated how they take quality control very serious.

About a week later I received a new spinner (which i was not expecting) and have reran it thru my test for the purpose of reviewing it. Now let me say i was still skeptical if this would really live up to the claimed 6-8 minute spin. All i can say is OMG WOW. I gave this a decent spin and it spun exactly 6 minutes and 3 seconds and this was not even my best spin. But to cheat a little i gave it the "Be All" of spins and used a trusty compressed air can. I did this in the opposite spin direction and it last for nearly 8 minutes - this was still not the fastest spin i could put it thru, but it was pretty close so far my best spin has been about 9 minutes. SUMMARY - This outperformed the prior one I had (that i had sent back) and it did easily hit the claims of 6-8 minute spin time. I am EXTREMELY HAPPY with these new results. InTree Global's customer service is truly exceptional and i would highly recommend this spinner for anyone looking for a nice finish and a high quality spin. After my second review i have bumped my original review from 3 stars to 5 starts. I would give them 10 stars if it was allowed. InTree Global does stand behind their product and I cannot recommend them enough for this. Great product and Thanks to InTree Global for correcting the issue i was having with it and for handling this in such a professional manner. A+++

It's a good price for the spinner runs 8+ minutes (my longest record was 9:12 min), which I believe most spinners nowadays cannot do. The spinning spinner always reminds that the time is precious and passing by second by second, if my attention doesn't come back to my top priority work, I will feel guilty that another spin session is going away, it's in this way that the spinner makes me keep focusing.
I have just had if for only a few days, it improved my work efficiency a lot. I really feel I couldn't go without it from now on.

 My mom bought it for me and I really liked it! It was very addictive and very fun and mesmerizing, I would get another one if wanted to.

This is absolutely a beautiful fidget spinner, it's made of solid metal and you can feel weighty in hand, which you can't get the same feeling from those cheap ones.

My neighbor also has a rainbow fidget spinner, he got it with 10 bucks, and I can certainly tell mine is a lot better in quality, my colors are so bright and vivid and looks amazingly beautiful, what's more, mine can spin much much longer!!!

I highly recommend this product, and I'd be surprised if there's a better one elsewhere at this price level.

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Product Description: Premium quality fidget spinner, designed for finger comfort and optimal spinning.  STRESS RELIEF TOY FOR EVERYONE. Idea for the people who is trying to quit smoking, nail baiting, stay up late, kill time, have fun, keep focusing, deep thought etc. Great for ADHD, ADD,