Comments about DragonSpinners New 2017 Original D6 Six Winged Brass Hand Fidget Spinner, Luxury Quality, Premium R188 Bearing, Help Focus and Reduce Stress, Spins 4 Minutes

DragonSpinners New 2017 Original D6 Six Winged Brass Hand Fidget Spinner, Luxury Quality, Premium R188 Bearing, Help Focus and Reduce Stress, Spins 4 Minutes

Original design: our original dragon spinners are high quality and are sure to quench your spinning thirst.

Comments about DragonSpinners New 2017 Original D6 Six Winged Brass Hand Fidget Spinner, Luxury Quality, Premium R188 Bearing, Help Focus and Reduce Stress, Spins 4 Minutes
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Comments :
My first review was a very negative 1 star review. I deleted my original review and am adding this one.

I had received one of the terrible Singapore knock-offs. Dragon Spinner contacted me and explained that they had run out of stock and Amazon had a Chinese company start filling orders for this spinner.

To Dragon Spinner's credit, their customer service is excellent and they sent me an original Dragon Spinner. What a difference! See comparison pictures below.

The Chinese spinner spun for 1:57 and after de-greasing 2:13. It was loud with a rough, grinding spin. The machining was marginal. It had steel bearings. It was thick and squat. Really pretty awful for the money.

The real Dragon Spinner has nice machining, longer more streamlined arms, laser etching, ceramic bearings and is almost silent. It looks and feels premium. Right out of the box from a 40 degree mailbox it spun for 3:30:88. Later I got a 3:45:55. I'm fairly new to spinning so I'm sure with practice and more breaking in it will do even better.

My understanding is that if it says fulfilled by Amazon you will get an excellent original Dragon Spinner and ship from America. If it is fulfilled by someone else, mine was M&T Tech, it will come from China and be terrible.

I can't say enough about Dragon Spinner's customer service, they were great once they heard of my trouble. A real Dragon Spinner is a premium product.

My situation is very similar to another recent review. I also received a counterfeit Dragon Spinner which came from somewhere in Asia but luckily the real Dragon Spinner company reached out to me to make things right. I was given the explanation that they ran out of stock and had another company step in to fulfill orders. The DRAGON SPINNER company showed me excellent customer service and the quality difference between the two products is night and day. In the image where you see both, the smaller, more refined looking spinner with the logo is the original.

The real original Dragon Spinner is absolutely true to its description (which you can read above). The quality craftsmanship on this spinner is nothing short of amazing. Straight out of the box, the spin is very silent and smooth and has maintained that same trait for every spin thereafter. It is very light weight and feels great in my hands.

I am overjoyed with the my new Dragon Spinner from the actual Dragon Spinner brand. The brass with the craftsmanship you would expect with its price.

The counterfeit: Larger in size and heavier than the original. The bearings are similar to you can find in cheaper end skateboard wheels. And certainly not Ceramic.

My one and only advice if you are in the market for a great quality spinner, make sure to read all of the recent reviews and if it is fulfilled by amazon, then the product you are considering will be the real deal...This one is the real deal!

This is nice spinner with great construction and well balanced. Best spinner I have. Everyone that tries it likes it a lot, children and adults. I got the one fulfilled by amazon and shipped quick. Be careful of the overseas counterfeit sellers that plague this place lately.

One of the best spinners we have seen. You can remove some of the "pegs" to change its spinning properties, so it more interesting than regular spinners for those that like to experiment. Very well made and spins for a long time.

My son purchased this spinner with a gift card and loves it! It's just want he wanted. Spins a long time, and is very quiet while in motion. Would recommend this Dragon Spinner to others..

This is a great spinner. Well balanced and fun to hold and look at. And it spins a long time.

Perfectly balanced. 3m45s table spin time out of the box. Excellent bearing quality. Outstanding construction. Reconfigurable. Highly recommended. Mahalo.

Very well put together and has a very quality feel to it. Bought before reading all the reviews and was worried that it would not be as pictured but that was not the case. It's exactly as pictured and works perfectly. Spins for minutes smoothly and very quiet. Just thought I would share. Thanks.

Awesome quality. The smoothest spin. Made from high quality metal and has some weight unlike most of them out there. Happy as can be.

Pricy, but it is of excellent quality!

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