Comments about MazaaShop Durable Classic Wooden Spinning Tops 'Trompos', Set of 3

MazaaShop Durable Classic Wooden Spinning Tops 'Trompos', Set of 3

The Maine wood concept spinning top is a high quality spinning top. It is durable as it is made with wood, not plastic. We guarantee hours of fun. This pack contains 3 units.

Comments about MazaaShop Durable Classic Wooden Spinning Tops 'Trompos', Set of 3
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As a kid, I spent hours trying to get my top to spin without much success. So I was a little worried that my kids would have a similar experience. The difference? Nowadays, 2 minutes on youtube and you get the proper technique. The key is to throw it tip-up. That doesn't sound right, but it makes all the difference. These tops were solid and work better than my (admittedly low) expectations.

The size is perfect, exactly as I recall tops back when I was a little boy in the 70's. Weight and quality are all top notch. I cannot see how you could make a better top.

These were all I expected to be. No more or no less. Good old-fashion wooden tops that I played with as a child in NYC. The product is great and it brought back to me a more simpler time. Sometimes I bring it to the coffee shop and while sipping on my coffee I bring these out and I make friends really quick lol. Definitely worth the couple of dollars.

THESE ARE WONDERFUL!!!! I used to play with these when I was a kid. I grew up in Mexico and now I bought them as a gift for my little nephews and they love them. Great quality. They're also conveniently delivered fast so you can start enjoying them.

My son and I just received these today. My son is 5 so I cut the string a bit so he could get his to spin. These things are something else! What a great toy. I will be purchasing more as gifts. This is a great father, son, game. Any kid would have fun with these. I will say, there is absolutely a learning curve to this. It makes it all the more rewarding once you nail it!!

Awesome! They are as good now as they were in the 70's! Enjoyed showing my kids what's was then good clean in the street fun. Gave and ordered some for family members. They lost their mind! Brought back many memories. Thanks so much!!

When I was growing up about 65 years ago, I had 3-4 wooden spinning tops. Some big, some smaller (like your tops), and other variations. My favorites were the small tops since they were easier to control and more reliable spinners. Yours are also easy to control and spun the first time too. Thanks

My husband bought this spinners (trompo as we call it) for my 9 year old son to teach him how to play and learn tricks..
My son loves it... The wood spinner was a little different designed as the one my husband used to play when he was little so he had to screw the wood ring piece to the top of the spinner so he can tie the string up better and play with.
It is a good quality but smaller as we expected.

It is fun to play with, all my kids are love it. A least get them out from the computer or game they play all time to have some different exercise.

product as advertised and priced great. would recommend to anyone wanting or needing this. great buy.

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