Comments about OUUO Rainbow Hand Fidget Metal Spinner Toy High Speed Up to 5 Minutes

OUUO Rainbow Hand Fidget Metal Spinner Toy High Speed Up to 5 Minutes

The hand spinner is made of zinc alloy which makes it stronger and more durable. The stainless steel bearings lead to a longer spin which lasts about 4 to 5 minutes. No plastics. This fidget hand spinner is whole metal structure. Small enough to carry in your pocket anywhere; powerful enough to enhance your focus and increase your dexterity. Perfect size for adults and kid over 8 years old.
Hold this metal fidget hand spinner in one hand and use your other hand to spin it rapidly. It's so easy to enjoy the fun from the hand spinner. With some practice, you can even play it with only one your hand.
Please clean the bearing with alcohol regularly in case of dust which can affect the normal work of the bearing.

Comments about OUUO Rainbow Hand Fidget Metal Spinner Toy High Speed Up to 5 Minutes
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Comments :
Love this sososo much! It is so fancy when spinning and I can spin for a long time.

This spinner is pretty nice. Out of the box, it went for a good 2 minutes and 40 seconds with a good spin, sitting on a desk, before it came to a complete stop. To some inexperienced users, that may seem like it's short but most spinners barley get a little more than 1 minute. I have one from Target and one from a mall Kiosk, they both do about 1 minute to 1 minute and 20 seconds with a good strong spin and stable surface. That's double the spin time.

It's a lot more smooth and quiet also. It feels pretty solid and the design is pretty sweet.

This style of the spinner is so cool. It looks like Ninja darts, spinning fast. This is a great toy for children to improve their mental and practical abilities.

I really like this rainbow color! It come with a metal box, looks very delicate. Rotation is amazing!

I love this spinner. The colors are beautiful. It spins for a long time and very smooth. Will buy again.

one of the coolest spinners that goes for two min.

Great Spinner, made very well. My son loves it!

Fast shipinh

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