Comments about iSpin Original Spinner Pure Brass Hand Fidget Spinner Luxury Quality Premium SS R188 Bearing, Help Focus and Reduce Stress Spins 3-5 Minutes

iSpin Original Spinner Pure Brass Hand Fidget Spinner Luxury Quality Premium SS R188 Bearing, Help Focus and Reduce Stress Spins 3-5 Minutes

Support Original:
Since iSpin had a very successful campaign on Indiegogo, the original iSpin will have the authentication number to check.

Features of iSpin:
1. The iSpin spinner is made of brass with CNC precision machines. The dimension is 61.5*12mm and it is 75g in weights.
2. The iSpin hand spinner is made of 18 colorful O rings, 10 CNC machined brass parts and 1 Stainless Steel R188 Bearing. All the single part can be detachable.
3. Because every single parts are so well made with high precision CNC machines, the spinner has almost no noise and well balanced when spinning on your hand.
4.The 6 heads can be taken off easily on the spinner. So you can have fun with the spinner with 2,3,4 and 6 heads, and it will spin like a beast. You can even play with 1, or 5 heads on it, to experience the unbalance feeling of the spinner.
5. The 18 colorful O rings make the spinner look gorgeous when it spins, feeling like a rainbow at your hand.

Hassle-free Warranty:
If your spinner has any problems, please feel free to contact meat any time. we provide you considerate customer service, we will be always there for you.

Package included:
1* iSpin hand spinner
1* cloth bag
1* carrying box
1*authentication sticker

iSpin FAQs:
Q: How to clean the bearing inside the Spinner?
A: Please dont use water to wash the bearing or put oil into the bearing, if there is dust inside the bearing, use the hair dry to clean it will be fine.

Comments about iSpin Original Spinner Pure Brass Hand Fidget Spinner Luxury Quality Premium SS R188 Bearing, Help Focus and Reduce Stress Spins 3-5 Minutes
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Comments :
 I love this fidget spinner! It is truly my favorite one... I have 4 girls so we seem to be collectors now... LOL. This fidget spinner is solid brass, and has that nice sturdy feel to it. It literally keeps spinning and spinning and I get too impatient to let it go until it stops. I just can't sit there that long while watching it go forever! This one is truly neat. As it spins, the gold is neat, but the red, green, and blue stripe appearance around each head extension form AMAZING circles! I can just stare at them.... and stare..... and then reality check! I need to be doing something truly important. ;) My hands are small.... this fidget spinner is the smaller type. Typical ones (at least the first ones I saw come alive) are about 3 inches across in diameter. These are more smaller-person-size, back pocket size, etc.... or for someone who just wants a QUIET spinner and to be able to spin it real easily with one hand rather than taking the non-dominant hand to spin it. I see some of my "pro-spinner" students talk to me AND spin their fidget spinners with one hand! I can't quite get it to spin as fast with one hand as with two but I am working on it! I am able to balance it spinning horizontally, and with it being a more heavy-weight sort of spinner it balances very well. :) Two of my girls can balance this one in particular on their big toes! (Clearly, one girl, one big toe at a time... ;) )

This spinner has 6 heads on it, and you are free to remove any or all if them if you like, but I will save you some time... You can remove an ODD number of heads ONLY if you remove every other head, so you are left with 3. Otherwise an ODD number gets you a wobbly fidget spinner, not balanced, etc., while removing an EVEN number of heads stays balanced ONLY IF you remove a set of opposite heads (and have 4 remaining heads) or if you remove two sets of of opposite heads (and have a spinner that looks like a propeller). It is still balanced, so it nicely spins, and it gives a lighter feel. How many fidget spinners give you design options? Yet another reason why I like this spinner!

*Good smaller size
*Sturdier (solid brass)
*Love the GOLD
*Red, Green, Blue CIRCLES....
*DIY - remove heads to lighten the load...

Alright, I could go on and on, but it is so worth a try yourself. You will see that the circles put you in a trance... Now, back to work! :/ 5 stars and definitely a keeper for me! :)

I bought this iSpin original brass spinner with high hopes and expectations. I already own a look a like one like this that I love in a different brand and wanted another one so my husband and I would both have one to play with. Although I love the current spinner I have, I decided I wanted to give this brand a try to see if there are any differences. I am so glad I did because this is now my all time favorite spinner! I own several spinners ranging from rubber, plastic, metal and brass. This spinner beats them all by far! It spins incredibly smooth to the point where you barely even notice it's spinning! It literally emits no sound while spinning. Being completely silent, it won't annoy those around you while you are spinning away! I have done several time tests and get a solid 3 min 45 sec with every spin which is awesome! The six arms all screw off and on so you can change up the look of your spinner. Just make sure to keep the arms evenly distributed around the bearing to keep the spin balanced. Also the more arms you take off the more time you lose on your spin. I personally prefer using mine with all of the arms on but it is nice having the option to change it up a bit! This spinner spins smoothly when held horizontally and vertically without any clicking or buzzing. I have found using spinners to be extremely relaxing and find them to ease my ocd tendencies. I enjoy using them while watching TV or to pass time and my husband uses them while working as a software engineer. This spinner has a nice solid weight to it that feels great in your hand! The red, green and blue colored bands give it an awesome rainbow effect when it spins. The caps screw securely on and off so there is no risk of losing them. The bearing is easily accessible and can be removed if needed. It comes in a nice tin case with a foam insert and a velvet drawstring pouch. This is a high quality spinner! I absolutely love it!

 A magnificently smooth running spinner. So effortless and spins for a very long time. The product itself is fantastic - great weight in your hand, and buttery smooth spin. So much fun and a great way to keep the mind occupied when it is already on hyperdrive. It's smaller than expected but the quality supersedes it.

It is quiet and spins smooth as silk. The colors are dazzling when spinning... almost mesmerizing with the 3 color strip. I absolutely recommend this. Only additional advice I can give is make sure all the weights are in tightly before spinning though.

If you have found my product review to be helpful, please hit the helpful button. This will make it easier for others to find this review so they may be helped as well. You certainly do not have to, I do not get anything from it, but I get a good feeling that I helped someone. If you have any questions about my experience with this product, please leave me a comment. Thank you for taking the time to read my review.

 This fidget spinner arrived in a nice round tin case. It comes with a felt draw string carry bag imprinted with i-Spin. Inside the tin, there are full color directions. This spinner is made of brass. Every piece of this comes apart as well. The bearings used are made well. I happen to have a little history with bearings; having been a quality inspector for one of the largest commercial ball bearing companies in the world. This moves easily, does not jam, and the best... is SILENT! I am an over forty adult, and ones that just spin do nothing for me. This one, is actually pretty helpful with my slowing down a bad habit, and having adult add, the ability to change things up, and adjust the balance etc.. I can tell it will be some time before I am bored with this. This is pretty nice looking too. Brass, with colored rings, and i-Spin Laser engraved on the spinner on both sides. If you are looking for a gift for kid through adult I would recommend this spinner by I-Spin

 This fidget spinner arrived today and quite frankly I can't put it down. It comes apart completely, as demonstrated in the video, and can even be worn on a necklace. It comes with a carrying case, in which it fits perfectly, as well as a nice container with directions for the product. You can spin it with various knobs attached or detached, and it can rest on a finger or your thumb and spins for several minutes at a time. It's made well, a quality product, and my advice is to check the tightness of the item every once in awhile as the parts tend to loosen with continued use.

I'm using this to aid in quitting smoking, as I needed something to do with my hands besides smoke. It's working well, and I really like this spinner as it has some weight to it in your hand and on your finger. It also spins on tables and other smooth surfaces. Overall I love it, 5/5 stars and I highly recommend it!

My son currently has about 8 fidget spinners in this collection. And this fidget spinner is his favorite. His friend also agrees that this is the best designed fidget spinner and begged his dad to also get him the same one. The design and the material of this fidget spinner out spins the rest in terms of spin time, quality, and design.

The brass material makes this fidget spinner look beautiful. The quality and the spin time out performs his other fidget spinners. It is well constructed and looks amazing while spinning. The heavier weight and the bearing help it to spin longer than the plastic ones. Another big plus is the configurability. He likes to reconfigure the spinner and try spinning it with different number of spokes. This feature his other fidget spinners do not have. He really loves this fidget spinner and likes to show it off to his friends.

 Love this spinner from iSpin. Made of solid brass and it practically feels like has ZERO friction. See my video. Towards the end of the video, I give it a gentle nudge and then you'll know what I mean by friction-less

This is definitely a premium spinner. It is priced higher than those plastic ones , but if you check out the video, you'll realize that it is totally worth it !

Comes in a nice tin can and a draw-string pouch. Helps if you plan to gift it ! This has become my fav toy :)

I have had about 9 spinners now, and this is my favorite one. This spinner has an extremely satisfying feel and I will probably buy a few more. The spin time is about 3 minutes and 30 seconds but I have used spinners a lot and my spin times are a bit higher than most peoples. The spin time is not too great compared to other spinners I have had. This spinner feels nice when it is shaken around mid spin. Since I have used many spinners before I know that no one really waits 2 minutes for the spin to end most people just give their spinner a short spin then stop it. The spinner came in a nice box, with great packaging. I definitely recommend this spinner and hope this review helped you make your choice on a spinner. In short, great spinner, soft, smooth and supper quiet when spinning

What is a fantastic snowflake fidget spinner. It even looks better than I imagined. My family loves playing fidget spinners. We have some different fidget spinners, but this one is our favorite so far. This fidget spinner is made of high quality brass, so it provides beautiful shine when it is spinning. It also spins a prolonged period as it is advertised. The fidget spinner also works pretty quiet when it is spinning, each spinning circle is very smooth and nice. It comes in a nice round tin for easy carrying and storage. I would recommend it to others.

This is a very well made spinner. Worth its price tag. This spinner is pretty heavy duty. You can unscrew the rods that go around it to make it any pattern or weight you want. Make sure when you put them back on, you screw them in tight. If any of them are slightly loose, you will get an off balanced wobble. If this happens, make sure you check all the little rods. This spinner easily balances on one finger when spun, and easily gets a 4+ minute spin time on a flat surface. There are colored bands around each rod so when you spin it, it makes colorful rings. Super pretty! I recommend.

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Support Original: The original iSpin products will have the authentication number to check. Features of iSpin Plus (S2): 1.The iSpin S2 spinner is made of brass with CNC precision machines. The dimension is 75*12mm and it is 95g in weights. 2.The iSpin S2 is 18 colorful O rings make the spinner
Support Original: The original iSpin products will have the authentication number to check. Features of iSpin S3: 1. The iSpin S3 spinner is made of stainless steel with CNC precision machines and then polished. The dimension is 70*13mm and it is 82g in weights. 2. The iSpin S3 is made of 10 CNC
Support Original: The original iSpin products will have the authentication number to check. Features of iSpin S3: 1. The iSpin S3 spinner is made of stainless steel with CNC precision machines and then polished. The dimension is 70*13mm and it is 82g in weights. 2. The iSpin S3 is made of 10 CNC