Comments about GoSpin Fidget Hand Spinners [Prime 2-Pack] - Best Gift Toy Kids, Adults, Fidgeters Anxiety, Stress Relief, ADHD, Boredom (Black and White)

GoSpin Fidget Hand Spinners [Prime 2-Pack] - Best Gift Toy Kids, Adults, Fidgeters Anxiety, Stress Relief, ADHD, Boredom (Black and White)

Please check "sold by" seller name, only GoSpin products sold by son iSOFT direct are guaranteed genuine. The smart way to vanquish stress & anxiety. Studies have shown that fidgeting can help memory retention and increase focus during stressful situations. Use the spinner fidget toy on the job, in the classroom, or whenever you need to stay engaged! There are a lot of distracting things around us, especially for kids, adults, and fidgets with anxiety, stress, ADD, ADHD and autism. It’s the perfect desk toy to help you stay focused when you need it most. So fun your friends will want one fidget toys are not only great for you but for your friends too. Do tricks and see who can pass it from hand to hand. GoSpin spinners can easily fit in your pocket so you can travel with it anywhere you go. Hats included?- 1x black fidget spinner- 1x white fidget spinner- 4x dirt-resistant (flush) caps.

Comments about GoSpin Fidget Hand Spinners [Prime 2-Pack] - Best Gift Toy Kids, Adults, Fidgeters Anxiety, Stress Relief, ADHD, Boredom (Black and White)
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Comments :
These fidget spinners are Phenomenal! High guality and very fun to play with. Great price but an even better fidget spinner! I bought 4 of these because I love them so much!

My kids are 9 and 11. I got them these because they just HAD to have them. But rest assured, I milked a lot of chores out of those kids before forking over $15 for these. First day, within the first hour, the white one already has a crack. My kid dropped it, as kids will do, and it cracked. By the end of the day, both had at least one crack in them. It took less than a week for them to crack to the point of being useless. They spun fine, they did what they were supposed to do. But they were cheaply made. Mass production for the latest trend. I should have known better.

Update: I originally gave this product a 2 star review because of the reasons listed above. But the customer service at Sonisoft Direct prompted me to make a change. They went above and beyond to make sure my experience was rectified. That's worth another 2 stars to me. If you're going to buy this product, make sure your seller is Sonisoft Direct. Their customer service is fantastic.

Really cool and simple toy. There aren't a whole lot of parts that you have to worry about breaking or losing. I ordered them for my kids, but I find myself asking them for my turn alot. They keep my mind occupied kind-of like those steel-musical spheres that you roll around in your hand for relaxation and meditation. Excellent way to occupy your mind when boredom sets in, like while waiting for your number at the DMV. I would recommend these to people of all ages.

My son (age 6) has the fidget cubes that hardly leave his side. Sometimes I have to ask him to stop clicking it when I was trying to talk to him. The fidget spinner is much quieter. I was worried the first few times it dropped (thinking it would fall apart), but these really hold up. The best part is that there's 2 in the pack... just in case he leaves one at someone's house.

The kid's love it. They had been begging for one for sometime because a friend had one. They are relatively quiet unless they are spun on a table top or other surface. Our school has banned them as a concentration tool which one of my kids could have used. There a many other spinners and fidget toys out there but these work just fine.

Recently bought these for my 7-year-old -- a friend had them and it seems to be the next cool thing. I was very happy with the service and speediness buying from this company. They were even here 2 days before they were supposed to arrive. These are cool little gadgets and everyone in our house, including mom and dad, enjoy playing with them!!

My nine year old son is having a ball with this although he has misplaced one of them already. But for him that is expected. He enjoys it and they are well made I like that.

This Fidget Hand Spinner worked awesome. My son loved it...and I enjoyed playing with it as well. It spins very smoothly and you can feel the GYRO sensation.

Great fidget spinner. I use it all the time whenever I'm in deep though or have a to make a big decision. Also great to keep your hands occupied at all times. I'd say the average spin time is at least 2 minutes. Overall great buy.

(Initial review on 5/11/17) Cracked in the 1st day,but I think that's all of these dumb things. We bought one from a local retailer and it broke on day 2. If you don't drop these things (which will never happen if you give to a kid) they seem to be very fragile. I'm done buying these things for my 8-yr old. This is a fad and they're made cheap.

**updated on 5/12/17
Received a prompt response from seller who sent out a new set and refunded me for my troubles. Mentioned there was a bad batch and was making up for it. Now, customer service is HUGE and I am overly impressed. I am updating my review based on this. Quality is to be assumed better with a new batch.

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