Comments about 608 Bearings Set for EDC Hand Fidget Spinner, 8 Pack

608 Bearings Set for EDC Hand Fidget Spinner, 8 Pack

Package IncludesВЈВє
2 * Center Bearings (without shielded)
6 * Weight Bearings (with double shielded)
2 * Thumb Buttons

The spinning performance of center bearings and weight bearings is different. Please make sure the center bearing is used for spinning.

Comments about 608 Bearings Set for EDC Hand Fidget Spinner, 8 Pack
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Comments :
I purchased this 608 Bearings Set for EDC Hand Fidget Spinner sold by OEU US.This is a very durable product.My daughter loves DIY projects and has made 2 ceramic clay fidget spinners and is very satisfied.They spin nicely and can be set in place very smoothly.these are made of carbon steel very sturdy.

Very good bearings for the price! you can make 2 fidget spinners with this kit. If you have the base of the spinner or you 3D printed the spinner, you just have to pop the bearings into their places and you can start spinning right away!

My children love using fidget spinners so having extra bearings is a necessity. I like that this is a 8 pack. Comes in a nice case.

This bearing set is perfect for making custom Fidget spinner. You can make three traditional style spinners from these. These bearing are very smooth and less noisy. I was looking for these and this is a great set for this price. My son have all the great ideas to make his own spinners and this is perfect for him. Once you put the pair thumb its hard to take it out. It comes in a tin box which is great to keep them together. Very Happy.

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