Comments about InfiSpin F1 Fidget Spinner, Metal Tri Spinner [Easy Flick & Spin] Prime EDC Focus + Stress Relief Toy | High Speed Bearings for 6+ Minutes of Spinning | Smooth, Quiet & Fast [RAINBOW]

InfiSpin F1 Fidget Spinner, Metal Tri Spinner [Easy Flick & Spin] Prime EDC Focus + Stress Relief Toy | High Speed Bearings for 6+ Minutes of Spinning | Smooth, Quiet & Fast [RAINBOW]

Comments about InfiSpin F1 Fidget Spinner, Metal Tri Spinner [Easy Flick & Spin] Prime EDC Focus + Stress Relief Toy | High Speed Bearings for 6+ Minutes of Spinning | Smooth, Quiet & Fast [RAINBOW]
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My wife and daughters loves this spinner! The vibrant colors and the cute design is really eye catching and adorable. It'd make a perfect gift especially for girls/ladies and they'll fall in love with it right away.Here is a tip. Go to the sun and take it for a spin.. With the sun light reflecting from the metal surfaces, the multiple colors in this spinner really comes to life!

This spinner is not one of those which are made from 3D printing. It is made of metal and is heavy duty. You can feel it in your hand the first time you hold it. Its heavier than those plastic ones out there, but amazingly faster and long spinning. I timed the spin on a table top and I got more than 4.5 minutes of spinning, which is pretty impressive! The center top is bit concave in style and hence gives it better grip when spinning in hand too.. Real fun toy with quality built in..

This definitely isn't your run of the mill fidget spinner! The InfiniSpin F1 is a beautiful rainbow of colors, and it is simply mesmerizing while it is spinning. At first I thought these were just silly kids toys, but after seeing numerous people talk about how much they help with anxiety, I decided to give it a shot. I have to say they definitely help. I decided if I was going to get one, that I wanted a nice one that would last and I couldn't be happier with this purchase. It is very well made, has a nice weight, and feel great in my hand. I love that it spins for so long and is easy to handle.

The colors are really intense and quite eye catching. Compared to others that we have this one spins the longest and sounds the best (You can hear it spin and my son likes that part about it.) He said it spins about six minutes. It is heavy duty and feels solid. The case is nice to have to carry it around in and it has the little screw driver that at first we did not know what it was for but immediately when he took it out and spun it, the brass cap thing came off and a tiny screw fell out, so we quickly realized why there was a little screw driver. We put it back in and placed the cap on and have had no other issues with it at all. He really enjoys this particular spinner and the size of it fits him just right. It is a bit smaller than some of the cheaper ones we have bought. Overall, it is a bit more pricey but I would recommend it for the quality.

I ordered this for my youngest daughter because her sister already had one so she was feeling left out. She loves all things rainbow so this is the one she picked. When it first arrived, I tried it out as I called her name to come in get it. The downside is it took her about two minutes to finally respond and come to me but the upside was this thing was still spinning super fast when she got to it. I was pretty amazed at the quality and weight compared to others I've felt. I told her she'd have to give a review so this is what she wrote, "The product works very well. Due to the heftiness of the fidget spinner, it can go for quite awhile. I would recommend this to any one with a kid that has ADHD, or anyone who wants to feel a part of the popular trend." Pretty good endorsement from a 9-yr old.

I got this fidget spinner for my son. My daughter collects them, so now my son wanted one. This fidget spinner has rainbow colors, so when it spins the colors look cool. The fidget spinner spins for 6+ minutes, we actually tested it. This spinner is metal, so much better than those plastic ones. My son really likes this and keeps him focused while spinning it. I like that it also comes with a case to keep it safe.

 My kid loves it! It was a surprise as she had been asking for one for forever it seems! This one is super cool, very shiny and luminescent and it does spin for quite a while! When you set it in a sunny spot it catches the light and looks really pretty too! It's great that it comes with a zippered carry pouch which is where it better be any time she is not using it because I also have a smaller child and the gold parts in the middle do come off very easily and can definately be a choking hazard. It is relaxing to watch it spin, kind of a neat little instant stress relief.

This fidget spinner definitely deserves 5 stars. I love that it fits in my hand and totally fulfills my need to fidget during times of stress and anxiety to help me focus. This is way better quality than the plastic crap you find in the stores for $5, and I definitely love that it is BPA free so I don't have to worry about that being found in the cheaper products. The grip in your hand feels real smooth and secure as well. I also like that I can simply put it in my pocket when it needs to be put away. One of my favorite pieces of this fidget spinner is that there is a lifetime exchange warranty which tells me that they truly believe in the product they are putting out! I also adore the storage pouch.

I purchased this spinner for my nieces who have been begging forOne for the past few weeks. I wasn't sure what to expect because the ones that I've seen at the mall we're very flimsy and seemed as if they would break easily. I received this spinner this week and was pleasantly surprisedby how durable and well-made it is and how easy it is to spin and keep spinning for a long period of time. I am in playing with us so much that I'm not sure I'm actually even going to give it to them just kidding it is really great though

I couldn't wait to try this that when it arrived I played with it right away! It is heavy duty and made of solid material. The colors are amazing. It is safer to use than most spinners out there. There are no holes, so no need to worry about your little ones' fingers getting caught inside the spinners. It's not made of plastic so it has a little weight to it. It is very well made, does not look cheap and feels really durable. I may have to get another one as my husband is also using this.

The InfiniSpin is the best fidget spinner I have seen! I love the vibrant colors it looks amazing when light shines on it. My husband and I are actually fighting over it, I ordered it and he wants to take it! I will definitely be ordering a second one. I like using it when I am sitting at my desk and while on the phone. This one comes with a great little zippered carrying case which was a bonus. This works great and I think it's a must have item and great for people of all ages!

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