Comments about HITASION Fidget Toys for Adults Kids EDC ADHD Hand Finger Spinner Toy Anti-Anxiety Stress Reducer Focus Durable High Speed 1-3 Min Smooth Spin Quietly Black

HITASION Fidget Toys for Adults Kids EDC ADHD Hand Finger Spinner Toy Anti-Anxiety Stress Reducer Focus Durable High Speed 1-3 Min Smooth Spin Quietly Black

Quality and materials the body is made of 100% high quality pom, corrosion resistant and durable. The button is made out of high quality stainless steel bearings and is concave for comfort. You could drop it numerous times without issue. Shape/design perfect size length: 7cm /2.76in width: 2.5cm/0.39in weight: 80g/0.19lbthe shape is very nice .The edges are smooth making it comfortable when you spin it one handed. Function this thing is awesome for fidgeting. People often get distracted biting nails/cuticles or start aligning and organizing & reorganizing their desk at work if they don't have something to play with. Great for anxiety, focusing, adhd, autism, quitting bad habits, staying awake. How to use probably the standard is to hold between the thumb and middle finger and flick it with your index. Try these other ways. Hold it between your thumb and first finger and flick it with your third, fourth or fifth finger. It can be spun on a table. Also, pinch one of the arm bearings between your thumb and middle finger, and with a wrist motion you can spin it as long as you want on the arm bearing. No finger flicking required. This method also gives you a little wrist and forearm work out so it is an addition to your general fitness routine.

Comments about HITASION Fidget Toys for Adults Kids EDC ADHD Hand Finger Spinner Toy Anti-Anxiety Stress Reducer Focus Durable High Speed 1-3 Min Smooth Spin Quietly Black
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Comments :
Awesome Spinner. I have many spinners in my collection and this one is an instant favorite. Solid construction and quality parts. It is put together well and spins extremely smooth. Easy to spin wit one hand and it is very quite. This spinner is very addicting.

We have a lot of spinners. My son gets so much benefit from them. This is our quietest so far. It is very close to silent and it spins a long time. Everyone who sees it loves that it has six arms instead of three. The colored bands look like solid circles while spinning. The brass is heavy. My youngest son (4) can use this spinner. Most spinners are too wide for his little hands. This is his absolute favorite.

Its a great spinner! It spins perfectly. MY son can fit it in his pocket Perfectly. Love this item!

Update: I took the center plastic caps off so I could clean the bearings. These bearings are hybrid bearings not the all metal or stainless steel I thought it would be. I could tell because the bearings were black. I compared it to other pictures of hybrid bearings on the web and it was pretty much the same. If you are casually flicking and stopping and flicking then you won't notice the noise...but if you are using hard flicks for maximum spin then it is on the loud side. Definitely someone next to you in a quiet classroom will hear it.

Original Review: I wanted to try one of these out since I saw it on another shopping site. This is basically my first and only spinner. It uses steel ball bearings. With it flat on my desk and using a pretty hard flick, it spun for about 3 minutes, 20 seconds. I could've flicked it even harder as well, but that time should give a good indicator of how well it spins with a reasonably hard flick. The unit is also solidly built, and feels good to hold.

For the cons, I would say this spinner is relatively loud when spinning very fast. Even at low speeds you do hear the sounds of its bearings. It is not something where someone will suddenly turn their head and stare at you from the sound unless you flick it very hard and spin it very fast. I have a friend who bought another version of this that uses a hybrid ceramic bearing and that thing is extremely quiet and the spinning action feels smoother as well, like it had tighter tolerances. But I did not test that one in terms of the spin times. The reason I chose this particular model was because it had a lot of good reviews and I am not too particular about the noise level as I usually will not be spinning that fast in normal use. Perhaps someday I will replace the center bearing with a ceramic one, but for now, based on the spin times, this is good as is!

Durable and well build. The item is pretty good for the price. It works similar to other fidget spinners. Spin for about 1 - 2 min. So far I have no complaint about this item. With Amazon Prime it is +1.

Great spinner for the price! Check your buttons kids: mine came with the buttons on the wrong side, preventing the thing from spinning. Once I switched them though, she was A-OK. Got a 7:41 minute spin time out of the box. Spins really smooth and has a very satisfying yet subdued sound. It's very heavy, so if, like me, that's your thing, this one is for you. For $12, you can't go wrong.

I wanted one to see what the kids are all excited about. I can't say I actually understand, but it is sort of fun to mess with as a distraction during tv commercials. I've dropped it a couple times and when it hit the tile floor, it didn't come apart, so it seems it can stand up to some rough treatment.

Great, came on time and spins for 2:38-2:50 minutes. No wobble when wobbling, but quiet buzzing when you do wobble it. Very light so easy to spin fast with it. Only down side is the logo on the circle thing. Also, don't try to clean it or the spin time will decrease by like a minute.

This is my first and only spinner. I had read that this may help stop cuticle picking habit. I can't verify that since I have had this for only a day but I hope it helps. I can verify that this spins for a long time and has a nice smooth quiet spin.

I like this one so far, this spinner is fun to play with.
It is not the super high end one, but it is still fun to spin around.
The weight of it is also good in hand, I thought it is suppose to be lighter since the frame is made of plastic, but it is heavier due to the four metal bearings.
Overall, I am very happy with this purchase, and it is worth the five stars rating!
I have included few photos for you to look at the details of the product.

To sum up, I listed some Pros and Cons below.
1. Very well-made product
2. The product price is okay.
3. Very easy to use
4. durable plastic (not the cheap kind)

1. There is no instruction in the box. I mean it is very easy to use, but I kind of wish there is an instruction on how to take it apart.


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