Comments about Sofer Fidget Spinner Zinc Alloy Material Toy Stress Reducer for children and adults. Helps relieve ADHD/ADD anxiety, Autism, Tri Spinner Fidget

Sofer Fidget Spinner Zinc Alloy Material Toy Stress Reducer for children and adults. Helps relieve ADHD/ADD anxiety, Autism, Tri Spinner Fidget

Funny spinner fidget for your enjoying
If you, or someone you know deals with ADHD or ADD, a fidget spinner is a toy or small device that is carried every day to help provide soothing relaxation.

Our tri-bar Fidget Spinner is injection molded from Zinc Alloy material which has a better finish, higher strength, and much higher shatter resistance than the more common low quality 3D printed spinners offered by our competitors.

The Fidget Spinner is able to be manipulated in a wide variety of ways which can be soothing for the user.
Many adults with ADD or ADHD find the tri-bar spinner configuration to be the most pleasing.
Tri-bar fidget spinners allow adults suffering from ADHD to focus their extra energy into the toy, which can help with concentration and relaxation, providing a calming effect.

Comments about Sofer Fidget Spinner Zinc Alloy Material Toy Stress Reducer for children and adults. Helps relieve ADHD/ADD anxiety, Autism, Tri Spinner Fidget
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Comments :
 The toy spins!
Very entertaining when I am at work and there is not much going on.
I added just a little lube to the bearings and it spins silently!
Really cool!
My cats likes it too!

So it was hard to tell from the description, but this is a smaller spinner, but is nicely designed, spins great, and is well balanced.
This is made with like a powder coated alloy. It is not plastic! Even so it is fairly light weight. It does not have too much rim weight, but still has a long spin time. I have not timed it as I fidget with it too much. I don't just spin and let it go. That is not what they are for anyways. I have spun it on a counter and walked away, and a couple minutes later it was finishing. But I don't have an exact time.
My youngest likes this as it fit her hand well. I like the design and how easily it fits in the pocket and could be palmed.
Highly recommended for size, material, and pricepoint.

 I purchased this fidget spinner from Sofer mainly because of its affordable price of under $10. Although I was not expecting much upon purchasing the item, after receiving it, so far it has performed decently with an impressive spin time. If you are looking for a budget fidget spinner for yourself, I would recommend considering this one as an option.

- 2 to 2.5 minute spin time
- helps relieve stress, ADHD, anxiety
- small and lightweight
- made of ABS plastic
- great toy to kill time
- can be spun while held in hand or on a flat surface
- a little bit wobbly which leads to some noise while spinning (see video)

This is a great product and I'm so glad I purchased it for my nephew because it has helped tremendously with his anxiety. I also have been enjoying it immensely. It is of great quality and very well constructed as well as being quite solid . I absolutely am in love with the the spinning action it is very fun and entertaining . My entire family enjoys it and I plan to purchase more as gifts. What a great spinner toy. Super easy to use and play with plus it stores away quite nicely while not taking up much space. Overall it is a great product and I'm quite happy with my purchase.

 These spinners are very popular with the kids these days. We had one but my kids were fighting over it, so it was time to get another. This one is fairly compact and good for smaller hands. It's quiet when it is spinning and doesn't annoy me when they are playing with it. We tested it out and my kids made a time-lapse video to see how long it would go, and they were delighted to show me it got over 2 minutes of spin. It keeps the kids happy and comes in a little box so they won't lose it. Happy with my purchase.

Something to relieve some stress when I'm taking a break. It works pretty well I seem to be more calm after playing with this for a while. It's weighted perfectly and Spins like hell. I would recommend

I have to say I'm very happy with this purchase! My 14 year old is very smart but he lacks focus. He asked me to purchase this for him because a friend has one. His homework time is cut in half now! He's able to sit down and complete his work from start to finish no problem. This exceeded my expectations by far and now we are collectors!

So my 10 year old Son has been asking for one of these spinners. He says they are the new thing and so addicting. Well he is right! We have been going back and forth all day using this little gadget. It has a little weight to it which makes it maintain spinning and balance with ease. It also has a smooth spin to it. I highly recommend this little gadget.

Few things:
-this fidget spinner came so nicely packaged that I want to give as a gift to somebody - see pics
-I have other fidget spinner's, however the weight of this product is really nice quality
-it's smaller than some of the other ones I have, but that's OK because it serves a purpose for which it was made
-i have and continue to have a lot of fun with this and it's a welcome distraction from the usual stress all that I've used in the past
-my kids are all over this too!

A very nice fidget and for the price it feels great! The plastic feels nice in my hands and I thoroughly enjoy playing with it, my friends also enjoy using it!

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