Comments about Apsung EDC Fidget Spinner, Hand Spinner, Metal Fidget ADHD Focus Toy, Ultra Durable Bronze Tri-spinner, Germany Imported Bearing, High Speed Up to 5 Minutes- Antiqued Copper Style

Apsung EDC Fidget Spinner, Hand Spinner, Metal Fidget ADHD Focus Toy, Ultra Durable Bronze Tri-spinner, Germany Imported Bearing, High Speed Up to 5 Minutes- Antiqued Copper Style

Comments about Apsung EDC Fidget Spinner, Hand Spinner, Metal Fidget ADHD Focus Toy, Ultra Durable Bronze Tri-spinner, Germany Imported Bearing, High Speed Up to 5 Minutes- Antiqued Copper Style
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Comments :
Another great spinner from Apsung! I really liked the original Apsung despite some of its flaws (cageless bearing), and this spinner improves on the Apsung V1.

The arms/legs are a little wider on the V2 than the V1 and have a slight curve to them, allowing your fingers some corners to grip onto, unlike the flat and straight lines on the V1. The outer edges of the legs are also thicker than the V1 giving you more depth and character for the spinner.

The color looks like something out of a steampunk post-apocalyptic movie and may not be good for some people, but I personally love it. The buttons/caps are ever-so slightly more concave than the V1 and is a definite improvement.

The V2 is also quieter than the V1, but that may just be because I've been using the V1 for awhile and may have worn out the bearings a little. The V2 does not have the telltale ringing that most metal spinners have, despite having cageless bearings. On the topic of the bearings, they are cageless which is a con. Caged bearings are much more secure and are less likely to fall out when doing maintenance on them. If Apsung started using caged R188 bearings, this spinner would be nearly perfect! The V2 does have a slight wobble to it, while the V1 does not. This is most likely a bearing issue.

The design is almost the same in terms of look, but with the differences of the thicker legs/arms, color, and wider lines. For a initial table spin time I got 4:43.72.

For $23 this spinner is very high quality, very smooth, and has a unique design not used by most other manufacturers.

Do NOT buy this from anyone else selling it on Amazon, they are all scams.

I love to collect fidget spinners. I find that these little gadgets are addicting to have and play with. It definitely has an effect of relieving stress for me. They are becoming very popular as well. I bought this fidget because it's different in several ways. This one is multicolored and it has an all solid metal design. This design is one that I do not posses, which makes it desirable for my collection. The design and quality of this fidget is solid. It has good weight and balance. The bearing is flawless. It rotates well and for a very long period of time. It balances well on my finger and spins great on any flat surface

This is a really cool spinner.
Here is what I love about this one
It has a smooth spin
Feels great in the hand
Hardly any wobble
No finger fatigue
Comes with a nice carrying case
Has a small screw driver
Has an extra bearing casing
It's well worth the cost and just looks awesome. The colors are great and it had a good weight.

I am overall impressed with this spinner! Its by far one of the most heavy duty feeling, well machined spinners I've seen. Out of the box it spins for about 5-6 minutes on a good spin. I have another spinner that i love but still spins a minute or two less time that the Apsung spinner.

That being said the only disappointment is that I dropped this while balancing it. From a seated position. And it landed on the carpet and sort of rolled onto the baseboard of the wall. Since that two foot drop to the carpet and rolling into the wall not very hard, the spin time is reduced and it makes a grinding ticking noise every revolution it makes. Definitely screwed up the bearings the day after receiving it. The spinner is honestly a lot of fun and works super well as long as u don't drop it or anything. It still works well enough but just wish it was more durable. Can't imagine dropping it on concrete or from a standing height!

This spinner goes on forever. It is so smooth and quiet. Although purchased for my oldest so. Who has Sensory Processing disorder, it is my youngest son who uses it most of all. The loves this spinner because the sides are shorter than others that we have and it works better in his tiny four year old hands.
It comes with a beautiful storage case which has a loop on it. This is perfect for holding on you wrist (which he does going into restaurants)
All three kids have been having a ball with this spinner. I have to admit it is oddly addicting to spin it and see how long you can get it to go.

Has to have a R188 bearing...spins really smooth. Good-looking and the perfect size. Logo on the caps. Comes in a nice little round zipper case with a tiny screwdriver. (An extra but different style spinner was also included in a box along with this one.) This one has a quiet spin. Perfectly balanced. What can I say, I couldn't ask for more, just really fun. I'm getting extras for gifts. Took one month to arrive. Spinner is very smooth, a little heavy (perfect weight), nicely machined, and the colors are beautiful. By the way, I've got about 12 different kinds of spinners and this one is of very high quality. You get what you pay for. (No, I'm not the seller...LOL) Seriously, this is a really nice one.

This hasnt been my favorite spinner. Its very heavy and I hear it. My son is autistic and I get them for him. He loves this thing! He says he likes the weight and he doesnt hear the sound. It also isnt loud enough that his teachers hear it, I mean its not enough to disturb the class. Its just a buzzing if you are next to him. He says he loves it and wants another so I have to go by what he says. I have anxiety and this bothers me. He has autism and loves it.

Look what I got today. This is one of those fidgit spinners so many are getting or wanting to get. They are pricey however. First of all I would have LOVED one of these when my youngest son was little. He has autism and this would have been perfect to keep him entertained. Bonus of it is, it is QUIET! Of course as soon as this item came in.. hubby, had to try it out. He was impressed how long is spun around. The funniest part is how the more hubby spun it, slowly all 3 cats came out of hiding or from their naps, and where fascinated by it! The #Apsung spinner works really really well. Nice brass color and has its own carrying case so you have a place to put the spinner and not loose it.

This item works great, and fits the description. The hand spinner itself is solid with a nice finish and weight to it, It's quite easy to use while watching TV, reading a book . It won't ruin your concentration unless you try to focus on it, and definitely a decent product and great for a beginner. With that being said it still works REALLY well, and is sturdily built, no visible damage has resulted from the drops.

Top notch cant get something with this quality for the price

This is lagit great spinner got over 7 minutes out the box
I wasn't sure about this because I got a tyzest and it broke like a day later and got another and it was junk
3rd time is a charm
It's not an r188 bearing I believe it's a 606 hybrid ceramic and i got like a minute less than the r188 I had
Great weight, love the texture it does have a slight slight wobble but still has a solid spin and is very quiet
I'm a 28 year old man and am kinda embarrassed to like these toys to be honest but the rugged design I belive fits me well
Nice ltitle carrying case as well but I probably won't be using it much

This spinner is great. I have other three prong spinners but they are all plastic materials. I wanted to see how a heavier metal one would fare. This has the perfect amount of weight. The edges are beveled/chamfered so that they don't slice up your fingers or knuckles. When spinning, the sound is minimal, unlike some other spinners out there that have a loud whine from the bearing. I do have to say that I originally was worried that the center caps were not removeable so I can't adjust the balance at all. Despite that, the balance on this thing is perfect. 10/10 would buy again

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Apsung EDC Fidget Spinner, Pure Copper Triangle Hand Spinner Fidget Toy, High Speed Spins Up to 6 Mins, Gyroscope Toy Relieves Anxiety and Boredom- Steel-ball Embeded Style
Specification: Dimensions:2.76"(L)x1.17"(W)x0.47"(H) Thickness:0.3 inches ( 0.8CM ) Diameter:3 inches (8 CM ) Material:Stainless Steel Color:Silver Weight:80g Features: 1. Precision CNC technogy makes high quality stainless steel body and concave bearing caps. The cool points design makes the