Comments about TSAAGAN Novelty Colourful Hand Spinner Glowing Fidget Spinner Fidget Toy

TSAAGAN Novelty Colourful Hand Spinner Glowing Fidget Spinner Fidget Toy

Comments about TSAAGAN Novelty Colourful Hand Spinner Glowing Fidget Spinner Fidget Toy
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My daughter can get a bit wild at times so I needed to get a toy that was small, compact and simple to use with no small items attached to
Get lost. This item fit the bill and I got this for her. When I opened it, she got so excited and knew exactly how to use it. We even used it in the dark and it does glow very well! The ONLY reason I give four stars is that it wasn't packaged nicely and seemed like it was opened. If I ever get another spinner, I'll definitely buy through this seller again.

The USA fidget spinner that glows in the dark too! Perfect for our upcoming 4th of July holiday. We always have a big celebration, BBQ, and pool party. Because spinners are the "in thing" this will be the perfect gift for nieces and nephews and friends in addition to glow sticks and sparkles , etc. I think this will be a hit. My sons love it and of course their favorite part is that it glows in the dark "how cool", right! Looking forward to being the favorite aunt! My photo of glow in the dark does not do it justice. Not good with camera setting on my phone but, believe me it looks like the add.

My son who has Anxiety issues and ADHD loved this. The glowing effect is amazing in itself. I have anxiety myself and literally played with this throughout the night and it had me relaxed.

This fidget spinner has a really awesome design imprinted on it. I used my phones flashlight to help make the skulls glow and they light up pretty brightly in the dark. The spinner also helps to focus when I'm trying to do daily tasks. Would recommend to anyone who likes using fidget spinners or have never tried one before.

the only thing you got to do when you get it is charge it. Meaning you have to put a source of light very close to it so they absorbs it and it's a lot brighter when it goes in the dark. I'm pretty sure it has ceramic hybrid Barrens because it spins for close to two to three minutes.

I have a love of spinners and this is no different. Has a nice spin to it and the paw prints make me happy. I love the fact it glows. This will really be soothing if we loose power due to a storm.

My son loves this fidget spinner. He can play with this for hours. This looks great at night when it glows. This spinner is well made. He dropped it a few times and it didn't break.

I really like this spinner, it is cute in the US flag motiff, and it works as well as most of the spinners that we have tried. It does glow in the dark, but not enough to really be able to see it spin. It is overall a nice basic spinner that would make a great gift for somebody with ADHD or for a kid. They love these things!

Cutest dog paw spinner, you can really see the design when spinning. I love this product, also makes for a perfect gift for any little child. Comes sealed, nicely packaged. Spins long. Fast shipment,,great seller communication. Highly recommended. Will be sharing on my Facebook an be recommending my family and friends to purchase as well.

 This this great for when I am trying to relax. I am the kind of person that aways needs to keep my hands busy. Making even watching a movie a little difficult. This works great! Spins an average of 2 - 3 minutes. Keeps my hands occupied while at rest.

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