Comments about LEGO Minecraft The End Battle 21151 Ender Dragon Building Kit includes Dragon Slayer and Enderman Toy Figures for Dragon Fighting Adventures (222 Pieces)

LEGO Minecraft The End Battle 21151 Ender Dragon Building Kit includes Dragon Slayer and Enderman Toy Figures for Dragon Fighting Adventures (222 Pieces)

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Comments about LEGO Minecraft The End Battle 21151 Ender Dragon Building Kit includes Dragon Slayer and Enderman Toy Figures for Dragon Fighting Adventures (222 Pieces)
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Comments :
I think this set is really cool, even if it does seem smaller than it appears. I like how the figure in this one is not a default Alex or Steve, but some other type of player that is actually very detailed and intricate. The Ender Dragon does shoot purple projectiles from it's chest, not it's mouth like in the game, but they shoot very well! This is one of the only sets that come with an enchanted bow and arrow, and the crystal pops off the tower pretty well. There are some things like the bolts and the crystal which seem pretty easy to lose, but I have not lost one yet. For someone who is pretty familiar with LEGO, this set takes a pretty short amount of time to build. This is also one of the only sets with an Enderman. Other than the smallness of the item, which I suppose I could have looked at the dimensions, I thought this was an awesome set! :D

My son loves his Legos and this set was no exception. He opened it up quickly on his birthday and immediately got started on putting the items together.

Bought for my 8 year old grandson. Out of all the minecraft legos he has, he plays with this one the most. No missing pieces or he may have gone off the deep end. lol


My 11.5 yo son absolutely loves this set. There are pieces in it he doesn't have, and the dragon is seriously impressive.

Birthday gift for my grandson. He loved it.

We got this for my son’s birthday. He loved it! And was able to put it together all by himself!
I love that LEGO made an affordable Ender Dragon set!

It's in perfect condition and really entertaining since the ender dragon is one of my favorite mobs in the game. It looks pretty much exactly like the ender dragon in the game with a few changes like the wings, but they still look awesome. Overall it's a great toy and build.

6 year old was very specific in what he wanted. This was perfect. He disappeared and came back with it fully assembled and a huge smile. Still sitting proudly on his dresser.

Cute set. My seven year old had to take it all apart halfway through bc one of the pictures wasn’t clear and he missed a vital step but overall good.

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