Comments about LEGO Ninjago Fire Fang 70674 Snake Action Toy Building Set with Stud Shooters and Ninja Minifigures Characters, Perfect for Group Play (463 Pieces)

LEGO Ninjago Fire Fang 70674 Snake Action Toy Building Set with Stud Shooters and Ninja Minifigures Characters, Perfect for Group Play (463 Pieces)

Children can role-play as their favorite NINJAGO character Kai FS and battle Serpentine sorceress Aspheera’s snake Fire Fang for the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu with this action-packed LEGO NINJAGO ninja set. The cobra-like 70674 Fire Fang snake toy features a minifigure throne, a swiping, rattling tail with 2 stud shooters, and chain elements to attach to minifigures. Children will love recreating scenes from the NINJAGO TV show and dreaming up their own stories with 4 ninja minifigures, assorted weapons and accessory elements, including a LEGO NINJAGO Spinjitzu spinner toy and Aspheera’s Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu. Give any LEGO builder an amazing building experience with Instructions PLUS, available in the LEGO Life app for smartphones and tablets. The easy-to-use, intuitive building instructions for this LEGO set let them zoom, rotate and visualize their creation using the special ghost mode as they go. Instructions PLUS is also great for younger builders, guiding them through the creative building process for a greater sense of independence and achievement.

Comments about LEGO Ninjago Fire Fang 70674 Snake Action Toy Building Set with Stud Shooters and Ninja Minifigures Characters, Perfect for Group Play (463 Pieces)
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Comments :
Firefang is amazing, such a beautiful set

In the Ninjago Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu, we are seeing a lot of snake-soldiers. Now we get a GIANT snake. Fire Fang is big enough that he would put up a pretty good fight against the Ninjago dragons from the last series.

The build is a lot of fun. We start with the main structure of the center of the body, forming an 'L' shape. We move back to the swishing tail, and then the detailed head section. The tail whips around like the dragons we have seen. It is well situated off the flat surface to really whip around. The tail has an end section that forms a rattle, that does rattle. Fun!

There is a lot of organic feel to the snake moving up the body. The "neck" area has a really nice fluid feel to it, with some good articulation, and extra parts so it doesn't feel too thin. There is use of thick, colored plastic to make the flaming hood. I don't know how else LEGO would have been able to create that effect without using another hundred pieces or so. What the plastic also does is allow the neck and head to move around quite a bit.

The mouth opens, there is another piece of plastic used for the fire tongue. I like the use of the plastic there, so the mouth is not taken up with some larger build that makes it overly bulky.

THe thone on the back is a really nice build. It uses lots of parts, including swords and small pyramid pieces. The seat is designed for Aspheera, as the seat only has two studs running down the middle for the flaming lower body of Aspheera. There are two banners, and one on Aspheera's weapon that are all the thick plastic as well. The effect is really well done.

Along with the Aspheera figure, there are two more Pyro figures, one Slayer, and one Destroyer. They are chained to Fire Fang with clear orange chain. We also get Kai FS. There are around 47 different Kai figures as of this set. That is a LOT of the same figure. This time around, he is wearing his Forbidden Spinjitzu outfit (Different than the 2-pack outfit). He comes with the tornado, this one with glitter in the plastic.

This is a fun set to build. Really fun. Lots of neat techniques used this time around. We get three more bad guys, so we are really starting to army build these snakes. There is good movement in the big snake. There are some good features, with the whipping tail, as well as two stud shooters on the tail. You get weapons galore, including enough extra pieces to make a second staff that is on display on the little side build. The organic nature of the snake is really well done. I like how much they brick built, not relying too heavily on stickers. Only 6 on this entire figure. This one will be great for a Ninjago display, or hours of play.

If you like the Ninjago line this set is amazing. You get 4 minifigures, a slew of accessories and some really cool pieces. It's a solid build for the age group and the price per brick is awesome. My kids were disappointing at the lack of movement of the main body. The tail moves and the head rotates and jaw opens so I was happy but they wanted it to be able to lay all teh way down which it does not do. The tail does rattle which everyone thinks is awesome. Overall a great set!

I love Lego products and the quality of this product is just as good as all the others. There are lots of objects to construct and using the constructed objects for mock battles is great! I mean what could be better than not worrying about breaking apart figurines during a fight. After all, you can just put them back together after the fight.

I've reviewed a number of the Lego products and often complain about their cost. But Lego got the pricing on this product right. It's a good price for a birthday present and it looks substantial for $35 dollars. I don't like buying small Lego sets that cost $20+ and I'm not often looking to buy $50+ sets as a gift. This one is great!

I also like that this set is appreciated by older kids as well as younger kids. I wouldn't buy it for someone too young, as there are many small parts. But older elementary and middle school kids will enjoy this set and they'll keep having fun with it for a while.

I haven't built a Lego set in quite some time, so I was really looking forward to building this one. Initially it's a little overwhelming, but the instructions are clear and walk you through it almost a little too easily (they're meant for kids, I'm sure, so they're a little too simplistic).

The set is really well detailed, and the snake is articulated making it more than just a display piece as I thought it would be. Putting it together took me about 1.5 hours, but I wasn't trying to move very fast either. I think that's a good estimation of what it might take an 11yo to get the job done provided they aren't easily distracted.

The set comes together slowly, but as it does you really get a sense of the detail and it's very very cool. I really enjoyed building this one. And I'm sure I'll get to enjoy rebuilding it after my kids tear it apart shortly.

My kids loved building and playing with Aspheera's giant reptile (pic 01). It's like a mix of a cobra, rattlesnake, and scorpion. My kids are calling it "Cobrattleion". As a mini-Lego kit, this has lots of small pieces to put together. Definitely teaches patience and organization. My older kids guide my younger kids on which parts to build 1st and so forth. Lots of different designs in these little pieces. When it's all done, it's something to behold. My kids love the rattling scorpion-looking tail the best (see pic 02). It wiggles and waggles from side to side like a scorpion while rattling like a rattlesnake. The cobra minifigures are incredibly detailed with a "king" cobra that can sit on his throne and all. Overall, it's quite well-made. The light-plastic cobra wings may fall apart easier but the rest are solid.

Immensely recommended.

This Ninjago set, like all Ninjago sets, was extremely detailed. It took our five year old grandson about five hours to build. There are a lot of stickers, which are always fun, and a plastic fan that makes up the cobra-esque neck for the snake. There are several minifigures, which is a HUGE plus. Another positive is this one seems to hold together. Some of the Ninjago vehicles and other items end up being too elaborate for play. You move them around and pieces fall off. So far, that does not seem to be the case with this one. Immediate play ensued with both a Ninjago good guy and several bad guys, jumping around the snake. The snake even has blasters at the end of the tail. He was so into it that he drew a picture of himself with a ninja mask. We're hoping that concept stays relatively peaceful!

Legos + Ninjago= best aunt ever!!! I can not wait to put this together with my stinky nephew!! He loves the Ninjago movie and I just know he's going to be blown away by this Lego set!! Who knew something as simple as a bunch of plastic colored blocks and shapes would grow into the epic awesomeness that it still is today?? No matter how much technology continues to move forward Legos will always be around because as cool as electronics with their pretty flashing lights and sleek designs, may be nothing beats snapping on that final piece of an epic Lego set that you built yourself. I hope Legos never ever go out of style and as long as they keep putting out awesome sets like this, they never will!!

My son and I been building bigger LEGO sets for couple of years now. Started out me helping him with more complicated to where he pretty much can follow direction building it himself now. But he always ask to build it together which is great.
This Ninjago series comes with Red Kai which is his favorite character in the cartoon. Easily can be build by kids around 8.
The cobra after you finished building it you can actually move the tail around and makes rattle noise even though cobra doesn’t have rattle tail. The best part in my opinion is the movability of the cobra head. When you move the head his two flap moves with it. So this set is actually playable pieces.

Once again, I am totally impressed with the detail that goes into a LEGO set. The tail even rattles, just like in the movie!

My husband put this together for my 4.5 y/o son, who just so happens to to be obsessed with Njango. My son helped, but it is definitely a project meant for older kids (recommended for 8+). Once everything is assembled, it's surprisingly sturdy. My son has been moving it throughout the house, without incident.

Four ninjas are included, and my son is having a blast playing with them, their tiny swords, and the dragon. I wish I had it on video, because his ninja sound effects are hysterical.

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