Comments about LEGO Creator 3in1 Shuttle Transporter 31091 Building Kit, 2019 (341 Pieces)

LEGO Creator 3in1 Shuttle Transporter 31091 Building Kit, 2019 (341 Pieces)

Head for the launch site aboard the powerful LEGO Creator 3in1 31091 Shuttle Transporter, featuring a truck and trailer with vertical exhaust stacks, roof-mounted horns, tinted windshield and 10 sturdy wheels with chunky tires, plus a space shuttle with large engines, opening payload bay doors, working crane and a satellite. Transport the shuttle and set out on daring space missions. With LEGO Creator 3in1 sets you get 3 different build and play experiences. Build the Shuttle Transporter, and then rebuild it to create a futuristic Helicopter Transporter or a Car with Caravan for further fun and adventures.

Comments about LEGO Creator 3in1 Shuttle Transporter 31091 Building Kit, 2019 (341 Pieces)
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I bought this set for my son because he loves building with LEGOs, and I always gravitate toward the 3-in-1 models because I think it adds more of a "replay" factor. My son is 11 and he was able to build it on his own; he wouldn't let me help except to assist in finding pieces. He loves the shuttle so much that he has it on display in his room. I don't think he's ever actually taken apart one of his 3-in-1 models and tried making one of the other items, but I love that it's an option. LEGO is usually an expensive brand, however, this one it's one of the few things my son consistently plays with over the years, so they're always a great investment. This set would definitely make a great gift.

The set is very easy and fun to put together, and the Space Shuttle build has great attention to detail!

My only complaint about the build is the shuttle's doors are a bit of a tight fit, so I sometimes struggle to get the satellite payload placed back inside such that the doors close again.

This was an awesome kit- the truck and space shuttle are big and impressive-looking once you've put them together. It was a little challenging at certain parts for my 5ish year old, but we got through it without any tears. After all, I think this is for an older age group.

I gave this to my nephew for his birthday. He's six, so it was a bit more challenging than some of the sets he was used to, but we spent a morning building it together and he was overjoyed with the outcome. Brought me back to my childhood Lego days and I had the opportunity to teach him about space and the Space Shuttle program and he had a blast. Worth it.

I got this for my 6 year old nephew to play around with while I was watching him one day. He is very good with legos and was able to put this together fairly quickly during the day. Once completed, it is very cool looking. This was a great little lego set!

My son loves science and loved this for his 12th birthday.

Kinda pricey but great for space enthusiast kids

Just what I was looking for at add to my desk at my new job as director of a Challenger Center. My nephew (Age 11) put most of it together for me in a span of an hour. I finished it up when he had to go home. Directions were easy to follow & it looks great.

My grandson likes to put together the legos in different shapes and he did not have this one, so he was very excited to get it and immediately put it together

My 6 year old nephew loved it

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