Comments about LEGO City Straight and T-Junction 60236 Building Kit , New 2019 (2 Piece)

LEGO City Straight and T-Junction 60236 Building Kit , New 2019 (2 Piece)

Build up your roads with LEGO City 60236 Straight and T-junction road plates, to make hauling cargo or driving passengers around even more entertaining. This creative play set, including 1 T-junction plate and 1 straight road plate, is compatible with your existing LEGO City sets

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Smooth road, no cracks, high quality. Seems like a genuine LEGO product so far. My son used the studs on sides of road to add small buildings for his LEGO town. The roads plates give his LEGO minifigs a solid surface to stand on so they fall over less. We connected these LEGO roads to a few other ones I bought. My only criticism is that they’re a bit overpriced since it takes at least 6-9 of these road plates to make a grid for the town. I wish LEGO would lower the price by half.

Perfect for building your city or expanding your playset playability!! Bought on a lightning sale so $9 is well worth it!

Like most Lego, it is a nice plate set, kids love it for their city. Only issue is price, it is high for the value. And the T sections are Ok but all straights would be a nice option for a pack. Not 100% matching with teh lanes and colors to the older road plates.

Bought a few of these so my son could build up his own Lego city. Now he can create different roads with the multiple plates and let his imagination run free.

Lego. What is not to like. These base plates helped expand my son's city. We loved them. The result was what we were looking for.

Lego... endless hours of play time. Street panels worked great for a lego table.

Great product. Fast shipping

Two pieces just what I wanted. A must have for any LEGO city.

My son loves it.

Vivid colors

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