Comments about K'NEX K`Nex - Imagine 25th Anniversary Ultimatebuilder's Case Building Kit, Varies by Model

K'NEX K`Nex - Imagine 25th Anniversary Ultimatebuilder's Case Building Kit, Varies by Model

Build beyond and create wow with the K'NEX imagine 25th anniversary ultimate builder's case. Celebrate 25 years of K'NEX with this classic building set that includes 750 classic scale K'NEX rods and connectors to build anything you can imagine. The enclosed step-by-step color-coded instructions showcases 50 unique models of varying size and difficulty. Builders can chose to create a sailing ship, fire truck, light house, or design whatever they can imagine! done building? use the re-usable plastic storage case, a flashback to the original case design from the early 1900S, to store your K'NEX rods and connectors. Most models can be built one at a time. Recommended for builders ages 7 and older. K'NEX is committed to American design and manufacturing and all rods and connectors are responsibly made at a landfill-free, zero-waste facility in hatfield, Pennsylvania.

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This is a nice kit but does not have many wheels (4 only) and no motors which are the parts that kids covet. The four stars are for the value of this specific kit. I would rate K’nex in general as 5 stars, but some kits have better parts for the cost. That said, this kit is a nice value for the cost.
It drives me crazy that K’nex does not provide parts lists on their site. They have a “compare” function, but it is useless as it does not list what parts are included.

This set has 750 parts and I have attached a photo so you can see the parts. I buy a lot of K’nex for my classroom and I think this set is acceptable, it would be more useful for kids with a motor and some more wheels. The carry case opens from the side (see photo) and is very sturdy. You could add more parts to the case from other sets easily.
The best way to get K’nex is to watch for sales and buy whatever kit has the most pieces you can get for a given amount of money. I weight wheels and motors a little higher, as those are always in demand.
I have used both Lego educational products and K’nex in my science and math classrooms. My general preference is for K’nex for middle school and up and Lego for elementary school (with the exception of the MindStorms Lego sets which are excellent for computer programing at the high school level). This is actually based on the physical difficulty of assembling K’nex vs Lego, which is probably why K’nex is marketed as age 10 and up. K’nex takes more physical force and dexterity to assemble, but the type, size and physical integrity of the of structures are much better with K’nex. One can build very large structures with K’nex (such as meter long bridges, meter high roller coasters and so on) that are precluded by the weight of the bricks for Lego.

K’nex lends itself far better to engineering and physics problems as it is much sturdier (although not a sturdy as Erector sets!) and one can build cars and structures that will hold together throughout testing. For physics and engineering projects (motion, machines, conservation of energy, structure building) K’nex is clearly better than Lego. I also use K’nex in my math classes when I need to show 3D structure. As a teacher you can register on the K’nex education site and receive access to lesson plans which are useful.

Our youngest son just turned 25 and he grew up playing with these things making some of the most amazing things with them. He called as soon as they arrived, thrilled they were the 25th anniversary edition to commemorate his 25th birthday. He is all grown up married and all but K'NEX is what he grew up with they helped him discover his path and opened his emagination like no other toy could. Well done K'NEX. They were ordered just day' before his birthday (I didn't know what to get him) until I saw these and knew they would be perfect. They arrived on time like promised even a day early. I highly recommend this seller

I used K'nex as a kid and I thought this set has just enough things to build for my kindergartener. It's fun for him to have the different types of pieces to manipulate, and his little hands are so dextrous he doesn't have any issues with the tiny pieces. He's a whiz at putting together lego sets and he's got enough of those things, anyway. The carrying suitcase is perfect since I can store it vertically and it doesn't take up too much space (not like those hotwheel car storage cases that don't really work when left standing up- they're rattly and unbalanced so they tip over when you try to prop them up). Good buy as an alternative for building blocks or if you're sick of stepping on or trying to find tiny Lego pieces!

My almost 7 year old son loves these and the price was great for the amount of pieces you get. I also love that it comes with a case (unlike all of the legos we get). Will order more of these in the future.

I bought this for my sister who is in 7th grade right now. she absolutely loves it.
It comes with different instructions but she searched up online for different building instructions and has been having fun since she got them.
The only problem is that some of the pieces are too hard to connect or disconnect and easily gets broken but in spite of those issues, still would get her another set if she wants!

It was a good buy just to get more parts for building more things. Nice container but won't hold much. Will buy a tub or box with a lid to store the parts.

I bought 3 of these sets to give to my grandsons (ages 7-9) for Christmas. They all loved them. The carrying case makes cleanup and storage easy.

Excellent skill development. Teaches patience and strategy while refining construction skills.

Love this set! My son can build so many different things without running out of pieces. We did buy more wheels, but that’s because he likes to build things that require them!

It's Knex. My kids love it.

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