Comments about ENGINO ~ Qboidz ~ Learning About Animals | STEMQ01 | STEAM | Construction System for Ages 3 and up

ENGINO ~ Qboidz ~ Learning About Animals | STEMQ01 | STEAM | Construction System for Ages 3 and up

Start your child's construction career with Engino new patented building system, qboidz. Not only will your child learn about animals as they complete math and art projects, they will build on their ever expanding manipulative skills. The new qboidz system combines the award-winning snap-fit connectivity of Engino system with the effortless building feature of stackable blocks! the system encourages preschool children to develop their cognitive, social and motor skills through fun and creative play. Qboidz development is based on the latest pedagogical principles of steam (science, technology, engineering art and mathematics), aiming to provide both girls and boys with the necessary, experiences, skills and knowledge to cope with the technological advancements of the future. Qboidz: learning about animals is geared for children 2-4 years old.

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The Qboids Engino kit was our first experience with a Engino product and it was great! Our three year loves it and it makes a nice change for LEGOs, as he is in an intermediary stage where he has outgrown Duplos, yet regular LEGOs remain challenging for him.

The pieces have 20 plus possible configurations with clear instructions. The prices are various sized pieces of hard, durable plastic that are color coded for different parts. The pieces are of a nice size and my son had no problem grasping and manipulating them at 3 ½, although some required a bit more strength to squeeze together than he could manage. Frankly, the directions, although pictorial, are still a bit difficult for a three year old but really- this product is perfect for a parent (or grandparent) to do with your child. You can teach him about engineering while playing and after you are done with the prediagrammed vehicles, you can experiment with other designs.

Overall, we are really happy with this product and will be looking at other Engino products for our kids.

It’s hard to rate this fairly since I had one grandchild who loved it and another who saw it as so-so. The one who loved it particularly liked using an iPad to find design ideas and then building an object based upon the item’s recommendations. There are multiple designs on the internet associated with these Qboids and it’s interesting to see how kids learn to follow directions while building their project. On the other hand, because my other grandchild didn’t have easy access to a computer, they were somewhat blasé about building. To them, I’m not sure they didn’t see the Qboidz as fancy Legos!

The pieces are easy to fasten, but somewhat small and should be used cautiously with smaller children. You’re ok if they are beyond putting things in their mouth. My wife is a former preschool teacher and she thinks these are a step beyond building blocks simply because of the versatility and integration of the internet applications which enhance a child’s interest and imagination.

This is a little like a K’NEX set for younger kids. I think it’s better for younger kids than Legos, simply because it’s a 20-in-1 set. So you can build twenty different items, and not have to purchase individual items to build. Having said that, I think that it’s quite expensive at the current price of fifty-five bucks. But it’s Made in Cyprus. . . and not China. The box measures 18.25 X 11.5 X 2.5”. So it’s super easy to wrap, if you’re giving it as a gift. Recommended age is 3 – 6-years-old. There are both printed instructions and online instructions. There’s also an app. I will say that as far as the age range is concerned. . .. no matter what, they need to be beyond the age of placing things in their mouth, as these parts are rather small, and could be a choking hazard. Of course adult supervision is required, especially for the younger kids.

Simple to assemble, colorful and easy for little hands to manipulate. The 20-in-1 thing does not mean it has 20 separate models you can assemble and have on a shelf at the same time, but that the available pieces can be configured at least twenty different ways. Comes with a bright, glossy, staple-bound instruction manual, and available online instructions. If you go to the Engino's website (not "Engine" - the product description is not correct), there is an online viewer where you can get frame-by-frame visual instructions - this piece, then this one, then this one - to construct every single recommended model. There is also a downloadable app. The price of this set is comparable to a Lego's type constructable, and the enhancements and support are superior to anything I've seen for such a product. Highly recommended!

Great product. My 3.5 year old grand-daughter dove right into playing with it, building things. It offers some great instructions for making some cool creations.

But connecting the parts that use a projection with a ball at the end was difficult for her, She didn't have the strength to do it. So I'd propose that it might not be something that three year olds can use.
Also, a lot of other competing assembly "block" toys like this provide storage containers for the parts. This one provides a box that can be opened and closed, but it's not as good as a more sturdy plastic container, or even a sturdy bag.

For ages 3 and up
plastic colored blocks and connectors.
has an ap so you can print out designs to make. they are color coded to match the blocks
hard durable plastic pieces that I found easy to wash with soap and water when we put them away.
really fun our three year old nephew really liked this set.

My almost-4 year old spent some time with this set, but it unfortunately proved too old for him. I tinkered with it for awhile, though, and I think that it's pretty fun. Lots of different types of parts and encourages building and playing to your heart's content. For my pre-schooler, though, I need something more basic.

This is a great and adorable kit, I loved playing with it with my 3 year old nephew. It engages their minds well enough and will provide hours of fun.

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