Comments about MAGEES Magnetic Building Blocks 100 Set - Magnet Toys Building Strongest Magnets - Magnetic Tiles Includes Bonus 13 Piece Insert Alphabet Cards - STEM 3D Magnet Tiles - Original Magees

MAGEES Magnetic Building Blocks 100 Set - Magnet Toys Building Strongest Magnets - Magnetic Tiles Includes Bonus 13 Piece Insert Alphabet Cards - STEM 3D Magnet Tiles - Original Magees

Building blocks for kids meets all safety requirements by Child safety. toy blocks is easy to construct and easy to put away for storage. - building toys for kids magnet comes with highest strength magnets to guarantee a great magnetic connection. - children's building blocks keep kids building and creating toy block for hours at a time - building blocks toys is the perfect STEM toy for developing children’s creative learning and motor skills- kids building sets includes different shapes -

Magnetic Building Tiles Magees Building Set includes -
40 x Squares -
4 x big Squares -
16 x Window -
14 x triangles -
14 x Equilateral triangles -
12 x Long triangles -
Extra 10 Piece Insert Letter Cards Bonus -
Handes-on Fun That Turns On The Brain. - Great Gifts For Boys And Girls -
Magees Is Designed In The USA. - Patent - Original - By Magees

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To be honest, when I ordered these, I felt the reviews were probably semi-faked or something and figured I'd just send them back if that was the case. However, I'm pretty impressed with these! I feel like they're the best bang for your buck! I work with kids and these are great. The children I work with seem to prefer this variety to the variety that has all of the centers removed from the tiles. The kids I've tried these on seem to like these either equally or better to the other more expensive options.

I will say I underestimated how heavy these would be in my bag, though! I guess it's because of those super strong magnets, which of course is a great selling point! The only down side is that, because of the strength of the magnets, it can be difficult for little hands to get the tiles apart at times; however I feel that is a great teaching opportunity for both motor skills as well as properly teaching how to ask for help.

The only reason I removed one star (and really it should be 1/2 a star, if possible) is that the letters - which the kids I've used these with seem to really gravitate toward (a happy surprise!) are difficult for little hands to remove without adult assistance.

One other thing I wanted to note is that I didn't feel the pictures of the product really did justice to the fact that there are several extra large squares, that are great for a "foundation," when building. They're larger than I've seen in some other sets (although I typically have used smaller sets) and it's a nice addition.

Lastly, I wanted to say that - because of all of the amazing reviews, I thought these were somehow going to be smaller than comparable magnet tiles. That was not the case and I was very pleased.

I was hesitant to buy these since we got my son the magma tileblox for Christmas and I wasn’t sure they’d work together. After reading other reviews and the Q & As I gave it a shot. Well in all honesty they are actually better than his set of magna tiles. The magnets on this set are a lot stronger! The plastic is the same quality of not better. We are super happy we bought this set and wish we had bought it originally seeing as though it’s more than half the price!!

This is the best priced by far for this many pieces. But while the magnets are definitely stronger, they're almost too strong. I don't think the 3 year old I bought these for will be able to pull them apart on his own when they're stacked. And his little sister I could see pinching her fingers which would not go well (oh the drama). But we'll try it.
They are compatible with my other set. In the picture the MAGEES are on the left and my DreambuilderToy brand are on the right. The MAGEES have the cross hatch pattern.
I can also confirm that they fit with the Neopuzzle wheel bases.
The letter inserts are hard plastic and snap into the window pieces. They're not stickers or paper, they're nice tiles.
They came in a very boring plain white box.

Edit: the price has gone up, it was 28 dollars a couple weeks ago, now 39.99

Grandkids were fighting over the few magnet pieces they had so it was nice to get 100 magnet pieces even though they were not compatible with their other ones. Will buy these again eventually when the price goes lower again. They raised the prices right after we purchased them.

These are really nice! My kids of various ages play with them a lot and they are holding up well after a month of solid use. There are enough of them to make some cool creations and two of my kids can play at once. Unlike other magnetic toys, I have not found any of these to have a problem with repelling each other or with pulling off to the side because the poles wouldn't align properly. They are well made and have no sharp edges where they were molded. I'm very pleased with these and will order some for my classroom soon.

I first came across magnetic tiles at a children's science museum; I'd never seen them before and thought they were lots of fun. Then I came to Amazon to buy some and had NO idea how confusing it would be to try to choose a set from all the ones on offer.
I did some reading and discovered that Magna-Tiles are supposed to be the best, but while some of the reviews were positive, other people said they wished they had not spent the money.
Looking at all the different brands, I decided I preferred the brighter colours and tiles that were flat (not concave). This helped narrow down my choices.
I looked on various internet sites but got the feeling that many of the reviews were just ads.
It came down to Magees or PlayMags (I liked the Playmags shapes) but I finally decided to get Magee's brands as most of the reviews were positive--except that some buyers did not like the presentation box.

It's true: the box is brown, so you are not going to score present points if this is a gift, but who cares, when you open the box, the tiles speak for themselves.
You get:
40 x Squares -
4 x big Squares -
16 x Window -
14 x triangles -
14 x Equilateral triangles -
12 x Long triangles -
13 Piece Insert Letter Cards Bonus
I couldn't care less about the insert cards but at least they are plastic (durable) and not paper.
The magnets are very strong. I took 5 of the smaller squares and hung them vertically. I took 4 isosceles triangles and held them vertically. I made a hexagon and held it vertically.
Anyway, I am very pleased with this item. There were no sharp corners, no broken edges. no broken magnets.

These are awesome, I’m 22 and when I first saw these my little 3 year old cousin was playing with these and asked me to build with him so I did and was hooked admittedly, which made me want to buy my own set. I love playing with these in my free time when I have nothing to do and want to get away from the technology crap. Very fun to play with, clean up is easy bc they are magnetic. Definitely a 5 star product

So far I'm thrilled with these! My daughter has a smallish set of Magna Tiles which she loves, and we wanted to buy more. These work perfectly with the existing Magna Tiles for a fraction of the price. The shapes and sizes are the same. Happy she will be able to build bigger and more creative things now!

My grands LOVE these blocks!! The quality is excellent and I definitely recommend this product. My two-year-old grand enjoys them as much as her 10 year old brother. These blocks are easily stored, too.

I gave these to my 6 year old grandson and he really loves them. It is a great building toy for developing creativity in creating structures themselves and using the structures to create environments with other types of toys such as cars, people, animals and other type of building blocks like legos and Lincoln logs. They are not limited to a child of 6. His 3 year old brother also loves them. I think it will appeal to older children as well especially if you take advantage of the transparency of the blocks to add lighting.

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