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Playmobil Ghostbusters Ecto-1

Speed through the city in the iconic Ecto-1! This legendary action vehicle has plenty of space for proton packs and ghost traps thanks to the detachable roof. With original sounds and functioning lights, this vehicle is set for ghost busting action. Set also includes Ghostbusters Winston Zeddemore and Janine Melnitz in their official uniforms with two detachable proton packs and proton wands, ghost trap, PKE meter for measuring psychokinetic energy, and silicone slime splatters that stick to smooth surfaces. Recommended for ages 6 and up. Warning. Choking Hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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 This is a really fun Playmobil Ecto-1. It has flashing roof lights (blue and red) and sound (see video for demo.) Each effect is controlled by its own switch on the top of the car. You can turn them on simultaneously or by themselves. The lights stay on until turned off but the sound goes through one cycle and then you have to turn it back on. It takes 3 AAA batteries which are not included.

Ecto-1 has a front windshield and windshields around the back. The car doors do not open and there are no actual windows above the doors. You can open the back hatch. To put figures and accessories in, the roof comes off fairly easily.

The kit is made in Germany and has 79 pieces. It took a little over an hour to assemble and does contain some stickers.

The kit contains contains Winston Zeddmore and Janine Melnitz both of whom are in their Ghostbuster uniform. The figures can turn their heads, bend to sit and stand on their own. The kit also includes two proton packs and wands, a ghost trap, 4 slime splatters (which realy do stick to flat, smooth surfaces such as the side of the car) and a PKE meter for measuring psychokinetic energy.

The other characters are available in the various other kits that have been released by Playmobil. Ghostbusters is Playmobil's first licensed product kits and based on the great quality, I hope there will be many more in the future. Ecto-1 fits really well in the bay of the firehouse which is sold separately. I'll include a photo of the car in the firehouse so you can see the scale of it in comparison.

Playmobil got it right where everyone else got it wrong. It lights up, the sounds are accurate and details of the car itself are amazing. Finally a company paid attention to the movie and made a product that fans will love. I picked up a few for my daughters.....Move over Legos, hot wheels, and that sad excuse for an ecto toy that was released with the new movie (google it) - Playmobil hit the nail on the head with this one! My only gripe is that the back doors don't open and the tailgate opens up instead of out like it does on the real car. But these things can be overlooked simply because everything else is done so well. This is the Ecto I wish I had growing up. Keep up the good work Playmobil! Now how about an Ecto 2?

We bought the Ghostbusters Ecto I to go with the playhouse. The car was easy to put together, but one star removed for a bulky feature: You have to remove the roof in order to sit characters inside. You 'could' shove them through the window, but that would be very tricky.
The selling features of this car are its alarm, flashing lights and siren, and yet you have to remove the roof in order to put figures inside. This is annoying.

Once again a toy manufacturer makes doors THAT DO NOT WORK. It would have been so much easier if we were able to open the doors and put the figures in without repeatedly having to remove the roof.

This comes with a Janine (as Ghostbuster figure) and Winston.

These Playmobil Ghostbuster sets are amazing. My 4 year old is OBSSESSED with Ghostbusters, and we already had about 6 Ecto1 toys in various forms (FunkoPop, Hotwheels, RC, LEGO), but this one is the best of them all. 1) Blue flashing sirens, and bonus flashing red by the dish, 2) Room for four Ghostbusters AND 4 proton packs AND a trap in the back. 3) Authentic siren sound which is on a separate button from the lights, so you don't have to hear it non stop just to see the sirens (bless you Playmobil engineers!), 4) It comes with Janine in a Ghostbusters uniform, c'mon! Perfect! Lots of great little details in this set, and very well made.

This toy is just fantastic. I'm very, very impressed with the quality and details of this car. My kids (2 1/2 and almost 5) have been playing with it for the past month and half. For hours, every single day.
In this set you get 2 Ghostbusters in uniform (male and female), 2 backpacks with guns, a box to catch ghosts, a handheld device to detect ghosts, and the car, of course. You also get 4(?) green slime stains. The car has lights and a siren just like in the movie.
The car accommodates 4 people and 4 backpacks, in case you have other sets.
It's sturdy and I can see my boys playing with it for years to come.

Having been a child in the late 80’s and early 90’s, I loved the original Ghostbusters movies and toys made by Kenner. Until recently, you had to pay overinflated prices for the yellowed and broken Kenner models on Ebay. Not now!!! I got this Ecto-1 and all the rest of the playmobile toys for my 34 year old self 😊 Honestly, this Ecto-1 is SUPER IMPRESSIVE by almost any toy standard. Not to completely slight the ones I played with as a kid but this Ecto 1 a 10X better. The siren is an almost spot on match for the sound of the one in the movie. Some assembly is required but so what. It’s more life-like and true to the movie car then the 80’s Kenner one. The led lights are an awesome touch. Honestly…I bought it for my kids…but I like it too much to let them do to it as I did to my Kenner brand Ecto 1 back in the day…so it now spends its life back in the box until they’re older. If you’ve been wanting the Ecto-1 toy, I highly recommend this over the older Kenner made one or the way more expensive die-cast metal ones. Awesome toy, well done Playmobil!!!

I bought this for my son's birthday and really loves this toy, he was very excited when he saw the box. The quality is very good and sturdy even for a a 3 years old. It comes with a lot of pieces that needs to be assembled but they were easy enough that my 10 years old was able to put it together for his brother. It requires 3 AAA batteries for siren which did not come with it, but it's no big deal. For the price on Amazon, this is a great deal.

This car is great. Matches up perfectly to the ecto 1 featured in the first movie. I'm so glad Playmobil decided to make a Ghostbusters playset completely based on the first movie.

The car was easy to put together, instructions were great, and took about 30 minutes. Solid build quality. Rubber tires and authentic siren and sound effects!

Playmobil faithfully produces a nicely rendered Ghostbusters Ecto-1. The flashing lights and sounds make this easily the best version I've seen even over the LEGO version, and it even fits into the firehouse. Unfortunately my little ones can't play with it until they hit an older age since there are many small parts which could result in choking hazards. Nice touches also by having Janine as a female ghostbuster. The enclosed slime actually sticks to the vehicle

This toy has a lot of detail. Despite the age recommendation I ordered for a ghostbusters obsessed four year old. He adores this car and has spent hours creating story lines with it and the ghostbusters station received for his birthday. He loves all of the accessories that come with it. The detailed accessories were somewhat of a nightmare for assembly, but once it’s all put together it is a cool toy. Be prepared if you have younger children around. These are TINY parts.

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Something strange in your neighborhood? Call the Ghostbusters Firehouse! Here you will find Spengler mixing up his current ghost fighting mixture in the lab, Stantz keeping a close watch on the Library Ghost, and Janine answering all your ghost busting calls. When the call comes in, watch them race
Speed through the city in the iconic Ecto-1! This legendary action vehicle has plenty of space for proton packs and ghost traps thanks to the detachable roof. With original sounds and functioning lights, this vehicle is set for ghost busting action. Set also includes Ghostbusters Winston Zeddemore