Comments about Apostrophe Games Classic Building Block Base Plate Compatible with All Major Brands (Roads 6 Pack)

Apostrophe Games Classic Building Block Base Plate Compatible with All Major Brands (Roads 6 Pack)

We at Apostrophe Games were surprised to see how expensive the name brand Lego road baseplates are. So much so that we decided to make our own road baseplates that are thicker and sturdier than the Lego road baseplates, all while selling them for at least half the price. We design all our products with the highest quality materials. You'll notice that all Apostrophe Games products have a 4.5 star Amazon rating or better. We strive for perfection and make product updates regularly based on customer feedback.

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Awesome quality! Thick, durable, and compatible with large, medium, and small legos. Can’t go wrong with this. My son loves it and have been playing with it all night.

These work perfect with all our Legos. And for such an amazing price! These six base plates were the same price as I paid last time for only two Lego brand base plates!

Totally compatible with regular LEGO's and seem sturdy. Do not easily bend. Son has been playing with them for several months and they are still in good shape. Nice less expensive option to the LEGO brand base-plates.

Wow, when they showed the pic of how much thicker these are than regular base plates I though eh who cares, but feeling these... It does matter lol. I remember how flimsy our were when I was younger and how they could get misshaped. I can't imagine any misshaping without high heat involved.

Stiffer material than the Lego base plate and I can get two for the price of one green Lego plate. If you are on a budget and need to layout out town plan these are ideal. Also perfect to give to a young child to build on as the material makes a more stable tray than the Lego plate.

Awesome product. Works great and kids love it.

These work great! They work with the name brand building bricks. Will probably buy more.

Ordered them for my parents. They made my nephew a lego table for Christmas out of an old desk. The blocks work great and he loves the table. Made a 9 year old very happy.

I bought several of these to cover a large table in the kids' room for their lego collection. The product is great and perfectly compatible with legos.

This product was very good quality. It is holding up well on my homemade lego table.

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