Comments about Kidtastic Building Board Drill Set (203 pcs) STEM Toys for 4 Years Old, Screw Puzzle Peg with Real Drill, Tinker Toys for Boys & Girls – Build, Tweak & Tinker – 3D Puzzle Toy & Toddler Peg Board Set

Kidtastic Building Board Drill Set (203 pcs) STEM Toys for 4 Years Old, Screw Puzzle Peg with Real Drill, Tinker Toys for Boys & Girls – Build, Tweak & Tinker – 3D Puzzle Toy & Toddler Peg Board Set
🛠️ #1 CONSTRUCTION SET FOR LITTLE BUILDERS – If you think your kids deserve more than playing games on a tablet or iPad then you are in the right place. Thousands of parents are buying toddler development toys to get their kids learning through play. This STEM toys for boys and girls makes playtime challenging yet engaging. Keep your kids busy for hours at a time, and watch as they independently discover, build and learn!
🛠️COMPLETE ENGINEERING KIT WITH 3D PUZZLES & PEG BOARDS – This mosaic puzzle and building toy for kids comes with 203 pieces. Using the real electric drill kids can screw and unscrew the nut/bolts in the set. For older kids they can use the puzzle pieces to create 3D models in 6 different shapes. (e.g car, chicken, dinosaur). Pegs, screws, tools and a battery-operated drill, the entire kids building kits is packed into 1 little toolbox.
🛠️ PROMOTES FINE MOTOR SKILLS & DEXTERITY THROUGH PLAY - It’s amazing what children can achieve when we let them work by themselves. Kidtastic Building Board Drill set take your child’s dexterity & creativity to a whole new level! Kidtastic STEM Toy, Nuts & Bolts Blocks for Kids is the KEY to creative problem solving, critical thinking and the foundations of innovation.
🛠️ HOURS OF CREATING, BUILDING AND FUN FOR KIDS – The puzzle boards and pegs provide hours of fun for kids age 3, 4, 5, or even 6! Younger children may need some help from parents, but older children can independently use the construction preschool toys to build their own designs or follow the patterns on the box. The tool kit set will get kids to focus for long periods of time, learn shapes, and improve manipulation skills.
🛠️ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Kidtastic plastic nuts and bolts toy set is FANTASTIC for young, creative minds. If, for any reason you are unsatisfied with your STEM toy for boys and girls we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Please be aware of knockoffs and imitations which are not tested for safety. Only buy original Kidtastic items.

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As a kindergarten teacher in this day and age, I have many students whose fine motor (writing, hand strength) skills are underdeveloped. I've been looking for some toys that can serve a dual-purpose: fun for play time AND useful in helping students develop their fine motor muscles in their hands. When I came across this drill set, I thought it would be PERFECT for my little learners, and I'm so glad I chose to get it!
The package is so comprehensive and included lots of different nuts/bolts AND multiple different design templates for kids to follow. Our kindergarteners genuinely beg to get the chance to use the drill set during play time every afternoon! I usually allow 3 students to work together using the kit, and they take turns sharing the drill and building off of one another's design choices. Plus, they love carrying around the adorable toolbox that the drill set comes in. This is such a great tool to promote teamwork and and STEM design within a home or classroom setting.
I would highly recommend it for any early childhood educators or parents of little builders! So practical and fun for our young learners. :)

This building board drill set is so much fun! I bought it for my 3 year old daughter because she is always wanting to help daddy with his projects, so now she can do her own. She jumped right into it like a pro. The drill is slow, but perfect for a little kid. She did great matching the colors, using the drill, and using the screwdriver. We have only had it a few days, so we haven't even touched its possibilities, but so far it is a favorite toy. My husband wasn't so sure about it until it was open and she was using it. He loves to play with it with her. I of course love watching them. The only thing for a heads up is that there are A LOT of small pieces. The carrying case doesn't have compartments for the pieces so they will be loose inside of it. It's not a big deal for me and I'll probably end up bagging everything.

This toy is great for fine motor for kids. I would recommend this for ages 4 and up. Kids will love it

My 3 yr old loves this toy. The images are adorable and the colors are great. It keeps my guy busy for while and he’s the type that never stays still. Unfortunately when we received it, the case was broken and in a way that rendered it useless. The mailing box had no damage so I’m pretty sure it was broken before it was even mailed. If you made the case a tad stronger, I would’ve been happier but it’s still a great toy.

3 year old grandson loves this. He can attend to it for long periods of time. Just some minor problems: the reverse on the drill is difficult for him. The switch could be lower or larger. My wish is for the small pictures of suggested 3-D figures be much larger. Or possibly supply larger cards of suggested figures for children.

2 1/2 yr old grand baby loves this toy. It took a few tries for her to figure out but once she got it she just loves screwing all the screws in. She hasn’t figured out how to use the drill to reverse the screws out yet so she uses the hand screwdriver or her hands. She loves matching the color screws to the provided templates. I can see the toy growing with her as well seeing that she will be able to “build” up too!

This drill set kept our niece and nephew busy for hours while we babysat them (plus they told their poppa they wanted one when they went home). It has screws and pegs, so it's great for kids of all ages.

Wow way a nice item I wanted to play with it my self and a great price

I bought this for my three year old and I constantly find my five year old playing with it. They love it! I love that they’re entertained and developing their fine motor skills. It’s even helping my three year old learn his colors.

Daughter loves this drill set, many hours of fun. Wish there were more screws with nuts and bolts.

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