Comments about LEGO DUPLO Town Fire Station 10903 Building Blocks (76 Pieces)

LEGO DUPLO Town Fire Station 10903 Building Blocks (76 Pieces)

Play out real-life scenarios in LEGO DUPLO Town: a recognizable world with modern DUPLO figures. Visit the easy-to-build 10903 Fire Station and enjoy pretend play, helping the firefighter figures as they practice putting out the campfire and climbing the ladder to rescue the station dog in the tower. When the call comes in, help your toddler jump the firefighters into the fire truck, turn on the flashing light and siren, and head off on another daring rescue! This firefighter toy includes 2 DUPLO figures plus a dog figure.

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Wow. SO THRILLED I waited and held off buying previous year’s Lego Duplo firetruck. This one comes with an awesome siren that woops and flashes but in an amazing way that you can’t really hear it if you want to tune it out. Did that make any sense? Ha... anyway... good news for my ears. I actually live a block from a fire station so having to have yet another toy that mimics the loudness of a real fire truck is really really unnecessary. But my son also enjoys the authentic element that elevates this model. No emergency vehicle is complete unless it has flashing lights and goes WooooWeeee. It also offers enough variety of pieces that adds more creative spice to our Duplo collection. My son just makes what he wants to, and after two weeks, he insisted his firetruck be blue instead of red bc the “red one didn’t look right” and the firestation has turned into a hospital. Endless possibilities!

We love our legos and these were no exception. Love the fires!

Birthday Present for my grandson in May.
Although we haven't opened it up yet, I'm sure it will exceed our expectations just as prior duplo sets have.

Loved this for the child it was purchased. Child loved it as well.


I got this for my 3 1/2 year old. He was super excited to get a new toy. His older brother gets lots new, but because they are only 2 years apart in age, the younger one gets almost all hand-me-downs.

First off, Duplo is a great toy for young kids, and even fun for me as an adult. It is far superior to Megabloks Big Bloks, because the smallest block in a Duplo has 4 dots on it, so you can take a bunch of the smallest blocks and build lots of different things. In a Megabloks Big Bloks, the smallest blok is one dot, so you pretty much can build a long stick. Duplo isn't just adequate. Duplo is well thought out and versatile.

The negative of Duplo is that it's expensive. You need a critical mass of blocks to be able to build a variety of things, and the way to do is get some basic sets for bulk, then get some themed sets like this one for characters and special pieces. We already had an older 140 piece set from the 1990s and a handful of circus characters in Duplo that my mom got at a thrift store, and that was enough for building a variety of things and having fun. So, that can give you a feel for how many pieces is "enough". The 140 piece set plus a couple of animal characters was enough blocks for creative play, but not much room to spare.

When I gave this Town Fire Station set to my kids, I first tried to have them play with it for a few days without any other blocks they already had. At 76 pieces, it actually was better as a stand-alone toy than I thought. The blocks that make the fire station have a critical mass of plain blocks that are more versatile for building anything creative, and then have some extras like bells and doors and architectural details. The critical mass of plain blocks was there to let my kids build some different things. Still, I don't think this set, all by itself is "enough", and I think getting another set with it, like Duplo's 80 piece creative blocks box is a good idea. That raises the price, but means that there are far more play options.

The build: This Duplo set has an instruction book for putting together the firetruck and fire station. My 3 1/2 year old wasn't able to follow the instructions, although he was highly motivated and excited to. He generally would find a block that was the same color as what was in the instructions, but might be a different shape. He was generally easy going about it if what he made didn't look like the picture of the fire station, and more likely to get frustrated if I offered the correct piece instead. The 5 year old was very aggressive about intruding on his younger brother's toy, and the 5 year old is able to follow instructions. (The 5 year old will still play with Duplo, by the way, and I think the age range can go pretty high for these.) Like I said before, there is a critical mass of plain basic block shaped pieces in the fire station that you can build different buildings from this set, and then decorate with the special pieces like fire bell, and doorway, and such.

The fire truck with this has a hitch at the back, and the really old Duplo cars from the 1990s set are compatible and can hitch on to make a long "train" or have the firetruck tow some cars.

The siren on the firetruck lights up and makes noise when pushed. It's a very soft sound, which is great for me as a parent.

Overall, this is a good set for getting a mix of plain blocks and themed pieces (fireman, firewoman, dog, firetruck, axe, water spray, and flame). I think that, by itself, it's not quite enough pieces to really open up building potential of having lots of blocks, and I think that combining it with a plain blocks set of around 80 pieces (right now, I am seeing a "My First Bricks" Duplo set at 80 pieces) would make for a much more versatile toy.

We are a longtime Lego household and I am especially positive about Duplo blocks. Children have an easy time manipulating the blocks and intuitively start creating with them. Duplo works well with a large range of other toys (e.g., make a Barbie house) and I’ve found them to have an especially wide age-range use, especially if you have more than one age group.

This fire station set, released in 2019, has some good features while also exhibiting Lego’s continued pursuit of cost-cutting. Part of this latter trend is that Lego buildings that were once three or four walls have become studio-like facades. Set 10903, fortunately, still has some depth to it such that there is an upstairs room in the station. But the archway is so thin that it isn’t clear what purpose it serves. Is this the opening to a station courtyard? To the actual garage?

On the other hand, this set has all the essentials of a Duplo fire station. The fire truck with hose, drawers, and working lights/siren, a ladder, a wood fire (that is out of control?), a trusty dalmation, and a pizza for the meal that gets interrupted by the alarm bell. While I’m always disappointed about the ever shrinking size of Lego’s baseplates, I do think this set has more useful parts than fire stations past, and that it offers more creative rebuilding opportunities. Duplo structures are rarely static, so on this point I think this station is a real advance over prior sets. There are two blue columns, two yellow cylinders, a number of brick-bricks, a door, a window, and two curved plates. I think this lends itself to new child-inspired designs.

Design-wise, I’m not a big fan of Lego’s latest vehicle iterations. Lego reworks these every few years, so this aesthetic is with us until perhaps, 2023. The fire truck has a cheap toy-like look to it. I think the hair on the female figure is well done. The siren is, fortunately, quite muted so you might not have to hear it from the next room.

LEGO's DUPLO Fire Station set is an adorable set that is quite comprehensive. The set comes with instructions that allows you to build a two story fire house with a fire truck. The instructions that come with the set are easy to follow and straightforward but you'll probably need to be school age to follow they easily. My son is almost 2 years old so I put the set together for him and it took me about 15 minutes.

Once the set is assembled you will have a large firehouse with two stories, a fire truck with a working siren, a ladder, two mini figures, and some other little pieces such as fire logs, fire, water, and a dog. The firehouse has a opening door on the lower floor and an opening window on the upper floor. Inside the fire house is a chair, pizza, and a computer. The fire truck has a small working siren on the top with flashing blue lights. It runs on 3 button batteries and is activated by pushing the top of the siren down. It's not obnoxiously loud and my son loves playing the siren sound. The firetruck also has two little drawers on the side and pull out fire hose. The mini figures are of a woman and a man. They bend at the waist and have movable arms and heads. The little dog is fixed in place.

My 2 year old son loves playing with the set and opening the door and window. He enjoys stuffing the mini figures though the window. The bricks come apart easily so I have to put the fire house back together for him often.

All in all... a cute set.

My almost 4-year-old son is ENTRANCED with this set. He loves all sorts of vehicles, from construction to fire trucks to police cars. Given that, this fire station set is simply heaven for him.

It's a lovely set and a big one at a whopping 76 pieces!!! There are so many cool pieces, too, including a Lego fire truck that actually has working flashing lights and sounds you can press; a mini Lego pizza for the firefighters to eat on their downtime; an axe; a Dalmatian; not one but TWO firefighter figures, both male and female; a ladder that you can use in the station or on the fire truck of for whatever your child’s imagination desires and both fire AND water attachments meant to be used with a cool fire hose that you can roll out to be longer or on the included fire hydrant and a mini fire pit. These Lego firefighters really know how to live!

Because there are sooooooo many pieces, there’s simply so much to do with this set. You can build multiple variations of a fire station but you can also randomly open your own Lego pizza station. My son loves this set so much he now insists on sleeping with it. This set is right at the level for an almost 4-year-old who loves manipulatives.

If your child loves this set, consider adding the LEGO Duplo Town Fire Truck 10901 Building Blocks , New 2019 (21 Piece) as a wonderful companion set to this one and you’ll add a tree and the cat that gets stuck in it, a third firefighter, a second fire truck, AND a little boy figure to your collection.

Another great Lego Duplo Town set. As others have mentioned this is one of the larger Duplo “sets”. It has recommended build instructions where many of the simpler sets don’t though as shown on the box it is only the beginning of the possible variations in building the fire station. Things we like about this set.
* the lights and sounds battery powered emergency light bar. Alternating flashing lights and a chime that is vaguely reminiscent of an actual fire engine. Maybe for safety or maybe for licensing as to why it’s different.
* batteries are replaceable.
* some fun and unique pieces including the fire alarm, the fire station symbol, the campfire, and the pizza piece. Personally I quite dig the pizza piece.
* Other unique pieces are the campfire wood, the fire extinguisher, and the flame and water pieces which are basically the same rubber shapes but one is in blue the other in red. Hey, whatever works I guess.
* fire engine is pretty cool as well.
* lastly you get two firepeople and another Dalmatian.

All in all this is a good set that can act as both a boost to tour base number of blocks and as a base to add smaller sets too. Recommend and happy building.

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