Comments about LEGO DUPLO My First Car Creations 10886 Building Blocks, New 2019 (34 Pieces)

LEGO DUPLO My First Car Creations 10886 Building Blocks, New 2019 (34 Pieces)

Preschoolers will love to build and rebuild colorful car toys with LEGO DUPLO 10886 My First Car Creations. Help them sort the colors to build a toy helicopter, taxi, garbage truck and Fire Truck for toddlers, or mix up all the bricks and create endless easy-to-build toy cars and trucks by combining just a few chunky DUPLO building blocks. Developing their fine motor skills as you go, this cars playset is great for igniting any preschooler’s imagination as they learn to create and move with classic car play. DUPLO bricks are specially designed to be fun and safe for small hands.

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Our 2yo loves duplo and loves making different cars with these. Huge birthday win for us

Two yr old loves it, very easy to play and use
Kind of pricey in general

I love these LEGO vehicles 🚗. Gave to my 1 year old granddaughter who loves to take them apart!

It is easy to put together. And fun to play with.

Good product

Our son loves this set! It’s exactly as I imagined and so cute. We love creating the vehicles and he has even created his own versions which is the point of being a master builder afterall. :)

Very good quality as expected by Lego. My kids loved it.

Great for my on year grandchild..he just love it.

Very old joke, that kids like the box better than the toy. Maybe because the box allows for more flexible play than some toys do. Duplo play is much more multi-level than traditional toys, allowing for a number of different play processes at several different maturity levels. With this kit, even very young children (1 1/2 on the box) will be able to start off with playing with the three vehicle bodies, yellow, red and lime green, and later problem solve making the cars and trucks shown in the picture on the box, or watch older siblings do so. After assembly, kids can act out imaginative play with their creations.

Speaking of throwing them back in the container, the makers of this set have seen fit to add a window on one side. I like to keep the containers: kids like to look at the pictures to get ideas. My hack was to open the box from the side near the window and yank out the plastic insert showcasing the cars. I then carefully removed the cardboard inside on which the plastic insert had been mounted. I cut this into a flap which covers the window, taping it at the top, and applying a little velcro dot at the bottom. This way, the child can pick up the Duplos and put them away through the flap. The remaining cut out on the side makes a nice handle, so the toy is easy to put away nicely on its shelf. (My Montessori training coming out.)

The "My First Car Creations" set is a great mix and match vehicle set that lets you build 4 different vehicles (3 land vehicles and one air vehicle). You can make a yellow bus, red fire engine, green dump truck, and blue helicopter, or you can mix and match the pieces to build your own unique creations, which is really cool. Kids can make anything they want, and then roll or fly it all around the room. The pieces are a nice large size so they're suitable for younger children. This set is targeted for children age 1.5+.

The instruction booklet is bright and colorful. All text is provided in English, French, and Spanish. For this set, the "instructions" are a picture of some additional build ideas. The box has more ideas on the top, sides, and back. The front of the box has the original bus, fire engine, dump truck, and helicopter pictures. Based on the pictures, you can see how to build the various vehicles. The rest of the instruction book is some pictures of other available sets, contact information, an ad for their free Android/iOS apps, and a pictorial explanation that for ages 1.5 up until 4, LEGO Duplo is the way to go, and for 4+, the fun continues with LEGO.

And just in case you didn't realize, LEGO and LEGO Duplo are totally compatible. The Duplo pieces are not as tight of a fit with each other (or with LEGO pieces) as LEGO pieces are, by design - it makes it much easier for younger kids! The Duplo pieces have more rounded edges than you usually find on the LEGO pieces - also good for little hands. This means that you can separate the pieces more easily because you can get your fingernail between the pieces and they pull right apart (you and your toddler will appreciate!).

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