Comments about Lightaling Building Bricks Compatible with Lego - 1000 Pieces Bulk Building Blocks in Random Color - Mixed Shape - Includes 2 Figures

Lightaling Building Bricks Compatible with Lego - 1000 Pieces Bulk Building Blocks in Random Color - Mixed Shape - Includes 2 Figures
CHARACTERISTIC: Compatible with all major building block sets and classic size building bricks.
PACKAGE: New in box, collect and store all your blocks conveniently in one place to keep dirt and dust away.
CREATIVITY FUN: Birthday or Christmas gift for develop children's creativity and imagination. Build anything you can dream of.
GREAT VALUE: 1000 pieces bulk building bricks, additional 2 piece of figures blocks per order as a gift, different colors & size.
MATERIAL: Made with premium, high quality material that have been tested to comply with all u.s. toy safety standards and are free of lead, cadmium, and phthalates.

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Yes I counted the legos. I bought these bricks because they were cheap. I am making kits for kids in need, and counted them to try and make sure each kit contains 100 bricks of similar sizes and colors. Similar to the chemistry teacher I found that their are less than 100 blocks, and over half were the very little blocks.
482 ones
239 twos
64 straight fours
60 fours square
59 sixes
45 eights
949 legos
That being said these were 15.99 when bought at 20% off, which equates to approximately $0.018 per brick. When comparing with other brands that is half of other “non-LEGO” brands. I have bought other non-LEGO brick sets and they come with a lot more big bricks, however if you bought a couple of these sets I think you would end up with a ton of little pieces and about the same amount of big bricks, but with the bounds of having a bunch of little pieces. So overall a good value brick option.

I however am upset that not all 1000 pieces were in the box. I feel like that is a misrepresentation of the product! If you are not going to put 1000 pieces in the box then do not specifically state that!!! I wish I would have known that there were not going to be 1000 pieces because now my kits are not going to be as even as I would have hoped.

These are amazing! I got them for my son for Christmas, but I couldn't resist opening the box and checking them out. If you didn't know they weren't "brand", you couldn't tell. Even the little dude in there looks like it! I ended up playing with them for a while, felt like a kid again. Perfect gift for any adult who needs to find their inner child

I purchased two of this product for Angel Tree kids. My colleagues were quite impressed with the quality and amount of building blocks for the price. I will be purchasing these again for next Christmas!!

My grandson is four and a building block expert and discerning. He had no problem with these and even says these fit my legos. So they got intermingled without complaint.

These were a GREAT buy!
They fit our name brand lego building blocks perfectly (I know this was a concern I had about purchasing these). There is a wide variety of sizes and colors- and the figures that came with it were super cute! Our kiddos were thrilled!

In the pictures is a lego brand green large floor/ grass piece and the Lightaling legos are placed on it to show the great fit!
The little people that came with it are super cool, too.

Look and feel just like brand name legos at a fraction of the price. Great purchase

Like LEGO , but it’s cheaper we love it

Bought it to supplement my sons legos. There are numerous pieces and helps in implementing his thoughts and build unique structures. Personally i feel its good for 4 years and above . There are multiple colors

That's a lot of Blocks! Description is accurate, compatible with LEGO. Easy Replacment for Legos. Used for Stem Projects with Youth K-5. Work Great!

Sure there are 1,000 blocks, but just not the ones I was expecting when I ordered this for my classroom. Most of them are 1 x 1 pieces. I will find a way to use these in the classroom, but I guess I was hoping for a few bigger blocks so my students can use them as manipulatives to build things in class. Oh well!

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