Comments about LINCOLN LOGS – Horseshoe Hill Station – 83 Pieces – Ages 3+ Preschool  Education Toy

LINCOLN LOGS – Horseshoe Hill Station – 83 Pieces – Ages 3+ Preschool  Education Toy

Build fond memories with your children and grandchildren with LINCOLN LOGS Horseshoe Hill Station, and recreate epic moments from the American frontier!

This LINCOLN LOGS building systemcontains 83 stained maple wood pieces and a plastic roof, door, and flag. Each package alsocomes with two plastic figures - a cowboy and a horse. This building set offers hours of fun for children. Each wooden piece iseasy to hold and stack, perfect for children as young as three years old. Each log has indentations that allow it to connect with the others. With the easy-to-follow illustrated instructional sheet, your little builders canconstruct different cottages and horse stables. This fun activitystrengthens their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and spatial awareness.

Thiseducational construction toyalso introduces STEAM (science, technology, engineer, arts, and math) subjects to children. Plus, LINCOLN LOGShones their motor skills and critical-thinking capabilities. See children's imaginations and analytical skills run wild as they build cabins. Kids will also enjoy pretending to be cowboys from the wild, wild west. This set makes a great introduction to preschool learning.

With LINCOLN LOGS, your children acquire real-world learning at an early age. Theygain a concrete understanding of how things work as they build replicas of cabins and stables.

LINCOLN LOGS is dubbed America's National Toy'because of its 100 years of providing high-quality educational toys. Rest assured that these toys are tested to the strictest quality and safety standards.

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I mean really, who doesn't love Lincoln Logs! Such a fun toy for kids as well as adults. My husband and I often have construction competitions with each other and my son votes on who built the best Log Cabin. We love the little cowboy & horse figurines. They aren't metal like the Frontier man we received in another set and I like that. Let's face it, toys get thrown now & again; I would much rather have a small plastic toy thrown than a small metal toy. Advice I would give:
1) Don't let your kiddo do the stickers. I wish the stickers were pre-stuck so I didn't have to mess with my son messing them up and then throwing a fit about it, but really- minor issue.
2) I wish the instructions were a little more durable. Our always seem to get torn up. It would also be cool to receive instructions for a variety of buildings one can construct with each kit.
3) You pretty much need to have 2-3 Lincoln Log kits to really engage a kid for awhile with the. One kit just isn't enough to great creative and build your own constructions with.

I bought these because we had them when we were kids and had loads of creative fun with them. My youngest grandson likes stacking blocks, so I thought it would keep him occupied when he came over.
Well, the older kids loved them too and there were tears shed because there weren't enough pieces for everyone to play. He wanted the yellow plastic door and couldn't understand why he couldn't just take it out of his sister's building. I'll definitely have to add more pieces to the collection.

Lincoln logs were cool when I was a kid and they are still cool now!!! These little log cabin kits inspire the inner architect in us all. With over 80 pieces in this set, my child will set down and play for over an hour. (That means free time for mommy! Yay Lincoln Logs!) This set also comes with a little cowboy and his trusty sidekick horse Mr. Ed.

These really haven't changed much over the past 30+ years. I know they have been around longer than that, but these are the same toy as when I had them as a kid. My son loves them and loves building with them. They are almost indestructible, and that is hard to find in a kid's toy these days. These were STEM toys before STEM was even a thing. Buy these for your kids and get them off of the screens!

Lincoln Logs! The name says it all! I have 5 children, yes I know that's a lot. All 5 of them play with Lincoln Logs. They all love them and I love them! We all build together, the ideas and imagination these allow for are worth every penny. Gotta buy!

This is the first set of Lincoln logs I have bought my 5 year old. He does like this set but you deffinalty need to buy more Lincoln logs because you can only build the picture on the box and because he is still learning how to build with Lincoln logs this makes it hard for him. I suggest buying a bucket of logs first or getting both if your little one is just learning how to build with these.

The kids love them. Takes me back to the days of more hands on play! I love hearing them make things up and use their creativity! Would like a few more in the box for the price but understand material costs.

bought this for my grandson's 4th birthday. When opened his father and uncles all went for the gift sat on the floor and started building, flashback 20yrs when they were all playing with their own building sets.

Bought it for a little girl who just "welcomed" a new baby brother. It's hard to move over when you've been the only child for 5 yrs., so I hoped this gift would make her happy. It worked like a charm!

Got these for my sons 8th birthday. He’s been begging for Lincoln logs “just like the ones my teacher has with the yellow door”. He’s stoked! Played for hours with his sissy.

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Recreate the unforgettable wild, wild west with your children and grandchildren with LINCOLN LOGS Oak Creek Lodge. This building setincludes real maple wood logs and a plastic door, windows, and roof eaves and slates. Each package alsocomes with a horse and cowboy. LINCOLN LOGS offers endless
Celebrate 100 years of America's National toy with the centennial edition tin from Lincoln Logs! the special collector's set comes with over 140 pieces, including real wood logs, now made in the USA. Build cabins, forts and anything else you can imagine! set includes 4 figures plus colorful
Inspired by one of the original builds of LINCOLN LOGS, the “Meeting House,” theLINCOLN LOGS 100th Anniversary Tinwill make children happy and make older generations nostalgic. These logs are not only toys for preschoolers; they are fit for any kids-at-heart. This toy truly commemorates 100
Celebrate 100 years of America's National toy with the centennial edition tin from Lincoln Logs! the special collector's set comes with over 140 pieces, including real wood logs, now made in the USA. Build cabins, forts and anything else you can imagine! set includes 4 figures plus colorful