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Scientific Explorer Infinity Voice Encryptor
Scientific Explorer Insta-Glow Snow lets you make instant snow that glows in the dark! Just add water and it expands 100-times its size. Use it for a holiday display or to add light to a dark room. When it dries out, add more water to use it again and again. Includes 1.4oz. (40-grams) of instant
Scientific Explorer Disgusting Special Effects is a fun, safe and educational make-it-yourself kit that has everything you need to create your own outrageous and gruesome special effects. Makeup can turn any ordinary person into a scary zombie, a monster or even into a vampire. In this kit, you'll
Scientific Explorer Gross Glow Bouncers comes with everything your young mad scientist needs to make freaky glow-in-the-dark creatures. Layer different colors of powder, including glow powder, into the molds, then soak, dry and bounce! There’s enough materials to make 8 bouncy monster heads!
Learning globe that features a wireless Bluetooth pen. The globe is removable to open in half, for Earth's inner core and solar system information.
Scientific Explorer Spyhawk Night Vision head-gear, allows you to see in the dark and listen in on conversations. The 2-in-1 adjustable headpiece features “night vision” and a built-in microphone to magnify your hearing. The goggle lenses keep you zoned in on your subject and features a
Product DescriptionThe POOF-Slinky 016000BL Scientific Explorer Bionic Ear is a versatile electronic listening device that allows your child to listen to conversations or other sounds without being detected from up to 300-feet away. Look through the targeting scope of the Bionic Ear to sight your
Product DescriptionScientific Explorer Rocket Car will have children both young and old mixing baking soda and vinegar to create a fuel that will launch their very own Rocket Car over 200 feet! The Rocket Car is a powerful, high performance racer that's easy to assemble and powered by carbon