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Truggy Muscle Toy 2.4Ghz Remote Control RC Buggy Rechargeable 1:16 Scale Truggy Ready to Run w/ Susp...
Power Remote Control RC Buggy 2.4Ghz 1:16 Scale Ready to Run w/ Suspension Toy (Green Color) -FULL FUNCTION 2.4GHz SYSTEM: 2.4GHz Allows you to run miltiple Remote Control toys at the same time with no interference. Full Function system allows you to manuever in many directions. Also allows the
Race outside by yourself or alongside a buddy with the Velocity Toys Crazy Muscle RC Truggy! -The 2.4 GHz PRO remote system allows you to race multiple cars in the same area at same time without interference! -Race against your friends outside within a range of almost 100 feet. (~98 feet) -Full