Tube O' Pegs (160 Lite Brite Pegs) - FOR SQUARE LITE BRITES ONLY - see pictures

Tube O' Pegs (160 Lite Brite Pegs) - FOR SQUARE LITE BRITES ONLY - see pictures

*** NOTE: These pegs will not fit the new Magic Screen Lite Brite ***
*** NOTE: These pegs will not fit 70' Era Lite Brites with the 9x12 Rectangle Screen and electrical cord ***
Includes free 7x7 Volcano design for Lite Brite Cube, Four Share, and Flat Screen models.
See pictures for Lite Brite models that these pegs are for.

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Comments / reviews:
Good refill Pack.

A must have if you purchase the Lite Brite Four Share Cube. You can always use extra pegs and the kids hate getting involved in a project and finding out they don't have enough pegs or a certain color of peg.

I want more of these but this is a start. Seriously though I want to fill the whole page with light color. Should sell them in bigger quantities than this and just a little too expensive to buy more. I may break down in the future and do that but with them being so expensive I wouldn't hold my breath. I may have to make do with what i have now or look for them at garage sales. The price was prohibitive. .

These pegs met all expectations. The LiteBrite comes with some but not enough pegs for the 'pictures' that require a lot of pegs to complete.

Were glad to receive the additional pegs but the description "Big Bag' is not appropriate. Granted. . .it does say 160 pegs in the bag, but you think of a much larger amount. Still, served the purpose of adding additional pegs.

Works with Lite Brite.

Gift item

i counted the number of pegs and it was exactly 160 as described. They're a little brighter than what comes in the original lite brite but I'm fine w/ that!

great addition for light bright.

gotta say 160 pegs isn't as much as one thinks

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