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Tube O' Pegs (160 Lite Brite Pegs) - FOR SQUARE LITE BRITES ONLY - see pictures
Non-woven material with aluminum-coated interior that insulates body heat for extra warmth Dimensions: 82” x 36” Made of galvanized steel for corrosion resistance Essential tool for anchoring tents, canopies, patio/garden structures, landscape trim, and more
SE is proud to present our Emergency Outdoor Tube Tent with Steel Tent Pegs. This tube tent is a great addition to your gear for hiking, camping, hunting, boating, fishing, survival and emergency kits, and can also be used as an emergency blanket, shelter, ground cover, and more! Features of our
It is safer to carry with this game to your side for camping, hiking, survival or any outdoor sport Specification: Material: Aluminum alloy Red color Weight: pegs 145g/sticks 45g/tensioner 27g Total weight: approx. 225g Pegs: 18cm of length Sticks: inner diameter 11mm, outer diameter 9mm, length