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AT LAST! YOUR SEARCH IS OVER! Are you mad at sports water bottles that...- sweat, leak, rust, taste metallic - don't keep drinks cold or warm enough - need filling often - are too big for cup holders/bike racks - pollute us and the planet? What to do? Easy! Choose our perfect 'Hydrate on the Go'
OUR GREAT BIG PROMISE TO YOU! Do you want to be able to leave your drink bottle in your hot car all day and come back to cool water to drink? Do you need to carry water when you are in the outdoors working, walking, running, biking, hunting, fishing or playing your favourite golf, tennis or
Features: The Wall Driving Car is an utterly astonishing, gravity defying, it really climb up walls; Thanks to industrial fans and advanced air system, it pulls air in under itself which holds it to the wall. Drive it straight at the wall, when it gets there it starts to tilt upwards and at 45