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Spy Gear - Ninja Gear - Transforming Ninja Sword
MGP 110-mm Ninja 2012 Aero Scooter Wheel-Black PU with Black Core
It looks cool. Makes it look like a ninja, good color to match. Material: 100% nylon, versatile and fits for all seasons. The material stretches nicely and has pores in material. Breathable Feature: Thin design, close to your skin and can freely breathe. help to reduce fogging with your helmet on.

Comfortable Polyester Material: Exquisite Performance for Breathability & Craftmanship, lightweight and soft.

Suitable for four seasons: In summer, it is sweat absorption and protect from the sun.In winter, it helps to protect from wind and cold.

The Ninja Gear Wrist Blaster from Spy Gear is the perfect undercover accessory for spy missions and ninja training. Surprise your enemies with the hidden wrist blaster that has a slim design and adjustable straps. Fire the finger-activated darts quickly and easily, and attach additional accessories
Conduct spy missions with the Spy Gear Ninja Attack Ninja Stars! Perfect for ninja training and convert missions, this set includes 3 ninja stars — 1 message capsule star and 2 signal reflector stars. Write important messages and place them in the stealth message compartment of the capsule star.