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Kids Walkie Talkie,Hi-Tech 3.7-Mile Range 22-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio for Children,Kid, Girls,...
Fulfill the dream of your favorite young firefighter, policeman, EMT or SWAT wannabe! Featuring 22 channels and a 6km distance range in open field. kids can carry on long distance top-secret conversations with 2 free straps. Improving kids learning ability and fun By encouraging outdoor games with
Rheshine Portable Kids Walkie Talkies Specifications: 1. Automatically scan channels 2. Green LCD backlit display 3. Range up to 3 killometer 4. Send the end of the sound switch 5. Auto squelch, Good sound quality 6. Multiple channel selection and channel display function 8. Battery power
1.Easy to operate and have the longer range. 2.Colorful appearance and same size with kids'hands. 3.LCD display can offer great convenience for kids to play at night 4. Its small size makes it convenient to carry around, even for small hands. It is great for 4-year-old kids or older. Features: Up
Great gift idea for kids Give Esee kids walkie talkie as a kids gift for your loved ones you will be amazed how happy and appreciative they will be. Away from cellphone or ipad game, kids have more time to go out for game. This 2-way walkie talkies can connect each other in remote or wild field
Whenever you’re in trouble... just yelp for help with your PAW Patrol Mid Range Walkie Talkies! These fun Chase and Marshall Walkie Talkies are built tough for full out play on the bravest rescue team. PAW Patrol, Ready For Action Ryder Sir! A penguin called Paddles has escaped from the zoo!
Handled Mini Walkie Talkies,Great for children/kids,travel,festivals and any outdoor activities If you're searching for a gift for the kids who have everything, then these Walkie Talkies are all a perfect choice. Whether you are trying to keep an eye on your kids or your little one is just playing
Features: в?… Built-in mini LED torch в?… A safety tool for parents as well в?… Stay connected to friends and family в?… LCD backlit display, battery status indicator в?… Good sound quality, Adjustable volume level в?… A multitude of features suitable for every child в?… Generous range up to 3km