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HEXBUG Tony Hawk Circuit Boards Power Axle Set - Colors May Vary
Shred the ramps with the perfect skate set up. Comes complete with one motorized Birdhouse authentic skateboard deck with power axle, remote control and all of the ramps needed to build the ultimate skatepark!
With four different ramp sets to collect, you can practice and stick your vert and street tricks. Ramp assortment includes flat bank, quarterpipe, roll in and stairs and rail. Collect all ramps for the ultimate skate session. Ramps are selected randomly at the time of shipment based on availability.
The Tony Hawk Circuit Board Dragon Spine by HEXBUG includes one deck with an enclosed power module and remote control. Also includes an assortment of ramps for multiple skatepark configurations.
Start your Tony Hawk Circuit Boards collection or add on to your existing collection! Throw down your kickturns and ollies with this single deck set, that includes authentic Birdhouse graphics and removable trucks and wheels. Graphics are selected randomly at time of shipment based on availability.