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Uncle Milton - National Geographic - Mini Wildlife Projector
Product DescriptionDiscover the science of electrical conductors as you build your own mini version of the Lightsaber used by Darth Vader. Then, watch as it detects which side of the Force you belong on. Are you a Jedi or a Sith?From the ManufacturerDiscover the science of electricity as you build
Product descriptionBring this adorable baby anteater to a park or your own backyard, where he'll happily "vacuum" up all sorts of insects with just the touch of a button. After collecting the bugs, kids can safely observe them in the anteater's see-through belly chamber, then release them unharmed
Product descriptionRemote controlled dream fairy with light-up wings. It's a beautiful light-up fairy for your room! Use the remote control to change the color of her wings and hear her wonderful fairy sound effects. Dream Fairy is the perfect way to make any room a more magical
Product descriptionWild RC Snake slither its way across any hard, smooth surface;It's so lifelike, you'll swear it's the real thing;Includes snake egg remote controlFrom the ManufacturerWatch this Wild RC Snake slither its way across any hard, smooth surface in any direction you choose. It's so
Product descriptionMake a wish! Kids can watch for shooting stars each night as they fall asleep with this Shooting Stars in My Room Projector. Stars shoot randomly across the room just like in the night sky. Set it up in your child's bedroom for nighttime wonde. Sweet dreams are sure to follow!
Test your Doctor Who knowledge against the all-powerful TARDIS. Think of any Doctor Who sentient being, location or technology. Answer its questions and be amazed as a real algorithm with artificial intelligence guesses what you're thinking in 20 questions. Or, if not, you win! Then, put it on your
Product descriptionHave you ever wondered what your pet sees and does when you're out of the room? Is your pet an all-day napper? Or does he get into all sorts of mischief? Just clip this lightweight, compact digital camera to your pet's collar and explore your pets secret life! Attaches easily to
Product description2406 Dragonfire Night RocketFrom the Manufacturer3-2-1...BLAST OFF. Jump on the launch pad and watch the Dragonfire Night Rocket mightily soar into the sky beaming a bright red light, then fall safely back to earth. Launch over and over again. Soars up to 50ft. Light up the night
Product descriptionBoom! Bang! Pop! Now you can create an incredible fireworks show right in your room! Pump up the fireworks launcher, choose your firework, aim and pull the trigger. Watch as amazing fireworks light effects burst and expand on your walls! And with the booming sound effects it's
Product descriptionTest your dinosaur knowledge and your excavation skills! Answer dinosaur trivia, then carefully remove each bone without making the T. rex roar! Collect the most bones to win. Dont make the T. Rex roar! Includes bone excavation cards with fun dinosaur trivia. Requires 2-AAA