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Dickie Toys Action Series Garbage Truck
Head downhill into an adventurous off-road fun - with the Dickie Toys RC Polaris ACE Sportsman Rock Crawler. Equipped with a wireless remote control, you can drive forward, backward, left and right. Articulated front and rear suspensions make for rugged off-road action. True to the original, the
Dickie Toys Police Stop Light will make dress up & pretend play interactive and exciting. Kids will love this adorable flashing stop light. Hold up the red light to stop the traffic to allow pedestrians and vehicles on the other side of the intersection to pass through. Flip it for green light to
The Dickie Toys Large Action Police Car brings action into the playroom! Come to us to discover amazingly realistic imaginary play. Speeding drivers don't stand a chance in the playroom or playground! The freewheel toy car is a big hit with its blue light and siren. To make sure that no criminals
The Dickie Toys Large Action Ambulance: realistic pretend play with simple learning outcomes! Discover our extensive range of meticulously designed toys. Make way for the ambulance Lifesavers with a blue light and siren - anything that catches a young child's eye out on the street is always a bit