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Product Description:
♥ Portable Flashlight
♥ Made of aluminum alloy
♥ Strobe for emergencies
♥ Compact, lightweight, and simple to use
♥ Light weight enough that you can store it anywhere

* Item Name: Mini USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight
Large non-magnetic stainless steel platform LCD display with back-light  tare function to obtain net weight  auto shut off  over-load indicator  two trays, small one tray for protecting the scale while in storage or transportation and large one for bulk items 
* Item Name: Digital Scale
* Display: LCD display with blue backlight
* Measuring Range:0.0035 oz - 70.54 oz
* Measurement Units: g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, gn
* Scale Dimensions: 5"X4.17"X0.59"
* Scale Weight: 7.4oz
* Operating Temp. Range: 50-104В°F