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Electronic Catch Phrase Game (Amazon Exclusive)
Product DescriptionGuess the answers to the clues for more than 10,000 words. Just don't be the last one holding the game.From the ManufacturerClassic Electronic Catch Phrase with all new phrases to play. Say it fast, play it fast, it's a blast. How quickly can you get your teammates to say
Product descriptionGrab it, guess it, and pass it before the buzzer goes off! In this fast-paced game that will have everyone hooting and hollering, you'll need to do whatever it takes to get your team to guess the musically themed word or phrase. Once they guess it, pass the unit quickly before
Product descriptionIt's frantic fun for juniors -- once you and your friends pick up this addicting game, you won't want to put it down.From the ManufacturerDo whatever it takes to get your team to guess the word in the Catch it ¿ Say it ¿ Pass it game, now especially for kids! Remember