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Fun Central M900 LED Light Up Star Wand - Multicolor
LED rings are a great accessory for any type of celebration. Our LED flower ring is made of a stretchy jelly material and features 3 LEDs (blue, green, and red). To activate, simply press on the ring and it will start flashing. To turn off, press on the ring again. Each box contains 24 rings.
LED bubble guns are loved by boys and girls of all ages! Perfect for party favors and gifts, these LED bubble guns light up multi-color (3 LEDs) when you push the trigger. You can turn the bubble gun on and off by the switch of a small button toward the fan. Assembly is super easy: simply take the
These Kanye West style shutter slotted shades are one of our coolest and most popular items! These eye glasses feature 6 bright LEDs (2 red, 2 green, and 2 blue). 3 different modes are available: fast flashing, slow flashing, and constant. The on/off button is also used to change the mode.
Take your psychedelic look to the next ghoulish level at any costume party or rave! These LED gloves are black with white a skeleton print and are made of a cotton knit material. Each glove features 15 LEDS in the fingertips (5 green, 5 red, and 5 blue). Press the on/off button on the inside of the
Light up every great party with our high quality, white light up rave gloves. The pair of finger light gloves is made of cotton, knit material and has a grey wristband. The stretchable fabric allows it to fit most people. Each glove lights up with the push of a button, which is located toward the
No one can miss you when you style your attire with these party dreads! Our red, white, and blue LED party dreads are made of net tubing with LED lights in each tube. The tubes are attached to a plastic headband and have red and white ribbons hanging on each side of the hair piece. Batteries
LED finger lights are a fun accessory for any costume. A stretchy elastic is attached to each light, so simply slip the elastic around each finger and you're good to go! The super-bright LED finger lights are made of red transparent plastic. Batteries are included and installed. Each box
This floating duck pool light is a great way to add a little fun and cute flare style to your pool or spa Rubber Ducky has a multi-color changing light inside Convenient on/off button Convenient mode button to adjust from constant color changing or to stay on one steady color Dimensions: 3.75"H x