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Green Kid Crafts, Ocean Science Discovery Box
Why not give your little artist someplace to work that will actually feed his or her creativity? The Sit and Draw kids art table from Keter encourages creative play in your child. The all-in-one desk, wide bench seat, and supporting footrest mean maximum comfort and portability. Take the Sit and
The Classroom Keepers Crafts Keeper, Green (001330) helps you organize any arts and crafts area, either at home or in the classroom. The sturdy corrugated construction is made of recycled material and is recyclable. Each shelf measures 1-1/2 inches in height, 9-1/4 inches in width, and 12-1/4
Kids will have a blast learning about renewable energy with these creative, educational STEAM science projects! Our Green Energy Discovery Box teaches kids about renewable energy and how it can be generated from natural resources such as sunlight, hot springs, wind, rain, and tides. Kids will
Take your kids on a journey to study the wild and adventurous rainforest with this jam-packed box, which includes tons of different Creativity and STEM Science Kits, all designed by experts to build confidence, flex creativity, and make kids smarter. Kids will create their own bouncing rubber ball,
Your mini sleuths will love this box, whichВ contains SIX award-winning Creativity and STEM Science Kits.В Pint-sized detectives will develop problem-solving and observation skills using the same equipment and techniques as real detectives! Projects include a secret message kit, 2 different
Let kids’ imaginations run wild with these fun and educational science projects! Green Kid Crafts has created a Kitchen Science Discovery Box that will inspire your pint-sized scientist with three creative STEM science experiments. These Kitchen Science activities for kids demonstrate how the
This Magic Science Discovery Box contains tons of award-winning STEAM science and craft kits! Your pint-sized magicians will develop performance, problem-solving and observation skills as they learn about the the science of magic. Projects include a magic ball and vase kit, a family of magic
The STEM science weather activities inside this Weather Science Discovery Box are sure to turn any child into a mini meteorologist as they create their very own Weather Station, Cloud Finder, and Wind Sock. They’ll have a blast creating their own, unique weather instruments, then continue the fun