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SpyX/Spy Tracker
See up to 25 feet in the dark with the SpyX Power Scope. This powerful monocular has 4x power to spy at a distance day or night. Switch between red and white light for stealth mode. With a cool ergonomic design the power scope easily slips into your pocket for quick concealment. The SpyX Power
SpyX Wrist Talkies - talk to your fellow agents up totwo miles away. These sleek wearable wrist watch walkie talkies feature LCD display, 22-channel scan, and call features. Also features voice activation, allowing communication without even having to press a button! Connect your headphones (not
8-in 1 Spy Recon Watch for missions day or night! Taking design cues from cutting edge technology and real field equipment, SpyX is the next generation of cool. Designs are rougher and tougher looking for today's boys.
The SpyX Invisible Ink Pen allows junior agents to write and read invisible messages. Open the pen up to find a secret compartment holding a supply of paper for all of your messages. The SpyX Invisible Ink Pen is a must-have for any spy collection, and is sure to bring a smile to your junior agents
SpyX Night Nocs are stealth binoculars to use for spy play day or night. You can even use the light see up to 25 feet in the dark. Night Nocs are built to withstand your toughest missions with a durable design. Use the switch to move from white to red light for stealth mode. Bring a smile to your
The SpyX Night Hawk Scope uses cutting edge infrared night vision technology to see up to 50 feet in total darkness. Using the same technology as special forces, the Night Hawk Scope deliversrealauthentic night vision. Great tool to have along on your next mission, camping trip, group outing or
The SpyX Micro Spy Scope is a powerful monocular with a red light, great for playing spy day or night. Use the Micro Spy Scope for surveillance on your target from a distance. A compact design makes for concealed spying and easy portability as it fits in your pocket. Bring a smile to your junior
Use the SpyX Micro Listener to hear top secret conversations. Point the receiver in the direction of the conversation you want to amplify, and the powerful microphone transmits the amplified sound to the attached ear piece. The ear bud style listener allows for maximum comfort for your spy. You can
The SpyX Micro Spy Light is the perfect addition to your junior agent's collection of spy toys and gadgets. Designed for a comfortable fit with the 'Bluetooth' over-the-ear design, the Micro Ear Light makes for great hands free spying. Use the Micro Spy Light for your next night mission, and watch
SpyX Long Range Walkie Talkies, talk to your fellow agent up to 2 miles away. Featuring 22 channels, auto scan, and call features, these walkie talkies will always keep you in contact with headquarters during any mission. A digital LCD display for easy use. Use the clip to attach your walkie talkie