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Lightseekers Noxin Action Figure
Product DescriptionLightseekers is next level connected play - an epic mobile and tablet role playing game that connects smart action figures, accessories, augmented reality trading cards, and more in ways never seen before!
Double sawblades make short work of any enemy! Add the Spinblade 3000 Tech Order Weapon to any hero (sold separately) and it instantly appears in the Lightseekers video game, allowing access to new areas of the game. Lights flash and change colors based on in-game progress. The Spinblade 3000
Rocket through the skies and take on enemies from above! Add the Flynamo Tech Order Flight Pack to any hero (sold separately) and it enables flight in the Lightseekers video game. The Flynamo turns your hero into a game controller, allowing you to magically control your in-game character by moving