Ozobot Evo, connectable smart skin, Iron Man

Ozobot Evo, connectable smart skin, Iron Man

Call upon Tony Stark’s technical training and develop super skills in the field of robotics with the Iron Man Action Skin. Connect the Action Skin with an Ozobot Evo smart robot (sold separately) to activate specialized Iron Man lights, sounds and behaviors.

Evo-powered Iron Man will accomplish missions by avoiding obstacles and engaging enemies. Download the Ozobot Evo App on your smartphone or tablet to begin guiding the app-enabled Ozobot and complete interactive Stark Academy training missions. Use OzoChat worldwide messaging to stay connected with other Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk and Black Widow friends and intercept enemy communications from Ultron. When you're ready, take your training to the next level with OzoBlockly by programming your Superhero's behaviors or creating your own new missions.

Iron Man Action Skin and Ozobot Evo features:

App-enabled (iOS and Android compatible)
Programmable and RC-Controlled Iron Man LEDs, Sounds and Behaviors
New Interactions & Stark Academy Missions
Marvel Avenger Interaction via OzoChat worldwide messaging (Gated Chat for ages 12 and under)
Infrared Proximity Sensing
USB Charging
Action Skin size: approx. 3 inches
Ozobot Evo sold separately

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Comments / reviews:
I bought both character "skins" that are now available. It looks like there are move Avengers coming soon, too. My kids will be thrilled. Admittedly, we haven't had too much time to use this, yet, but so far, so good. Nice quality, well-made. More to follow!

Cute!....put this one away for Christmas too!

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