Uncle Milton - Shooting Stars in My Room

Uncle Milton - Shooting Stars in My Room

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Make a wish! Kids can watch for shooting stars each night as they fall asleep with this Shooting Stars in My Room Projector. Stars shoot randomly across the room just like in the night sky. Set it up in your child's bedroom for nighttime wonde. Sweet dreams are sure to follow! Requires 3 AA batteries (not included).For ages 8 and up. Uncle Milton Shooting Stars in My Room Projector creates the feeling of lying under the stars while in bed. This room star projector shoots the stars randomly, just as shooting stars would spontaneously streak across the sky in nature. Kids will enjoy bedtime and fall asleep more easily as they watch for shooting stars to dart across the walls or ceiling. This exciting toy does not require any installation, as it simply stands on a table or desk and works with a button. This Shooting Stars in My Room projector needs three AA batteries to work (batteries not included) and is intended for children aged 8 and older .

From the Manufacturer

Make a wish and enjoy a shooting star show as you fall asleep. Add to the magic by turning your ceiling into the night sky with the included glow-in-the-dark star stickers. Features auto shut-off.

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Comments / reviews:
Bought this for my 6-yr old who likes to watch meteor showers. It is fun to lay in bed and watch the stars shoot across the ceiling...pretty random, so you're not sure where they will come from. Despite the bad reviews, I bought this, and we are happy with it. If you have watched a real meteor shower, the stars usually appear to be small flashes of light anyway, so this product is pretty accurate - and you don't have to wake up early and sit in the cold to be disappointed, like we have been in the past! We have this product along with a light-up solar system and the "moon in my room," so it is a pretty magical display :)

My husband loves this. It is noisy but does shoot random shooting stars across the ceiling. I wish it lasted longer than 15 minutes but you can justreset the button and it starts again. Fun and the grandkids love it too.

Gift to grandchild, she liked it alot

I ordered this for my granddaughter. She loves it! All the kids at her birthday party and the parents were
really impressed with it. I also got her the rainbow ,she loved it to. The product got to us really fast.
No problems with it. I love shopping at Amazon.

works great!!!!!!!!!!!

the shooting star was amazing and so life like.. my grandson was so excited to have this in his room, many hours of entertainment. I would recommend this product to for kids under 8 yrs. of age...

Nephews loved it

I boughtt this just for the heck of it- I'm 58!- but I find it soothing at night to go to sleep with shooting stars overhead - I enjoy it very much

Love this! Used it for a Halloween party and my guests couldn't stop watching it!


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