Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens Remote Control Millennium Falcon Battle

Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens Remote Control Millennium Falcon Battle

No FAA registration required." Now you can fly the most iconic ship from Star Wars, the RC Millennium Falcon right in your home!Product Features: Onboard Gyro-stabilization provides stable and smooth control as you take flight with the power of its single rotor Powercore Drive Train!Don't worry if your deflector shields go down, the Millennium Falcon is constructed from impact-resistant foam, making it incredibly resilient.

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Comments / reviews:
I got this for Christmas, opened it, and had some problems with it, problems that I am going to tell you how to overcome in this review.

When you get this thing flying, it flies very smoothly for a 50 dollar hover toy. Controls are simple, it's very stable, and it's pretty durable. I haven't done the whole shot the tie fighter part, but really I"m not that interested in it.

So, some people open this and find it's hard to get flying. I had some issues at first, but found if you hold the front section in your hand, start the thrust, and let it go away from you, it will fly just fine. When you set it on the ground and try to fly it, the air bounces off the ground, goes back into the Falcon and tosses it around, which is an issue. Any stray breeze will knock this thing around. Even just a ceiling fan can send it falling downwards. Luckily like I said earlier, it is stable, so even when a breeze pushes it down it mostly stays level and lands safely.

If you get this, experiment with flying it different ways and you will learn to love it once you get it down path.

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