Playskool Learnimals Color Me Hungry Hippo Toy

Playskool Learnimals Color Me Hungry Hippo Toy

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Your little one is going to find out so much with his color me hungry hippo buddy. With more than 45 sound effects Tunes and activities This hippo toy challenges your little one to feed it shapes and enjoy 4 play-and-learn modes. The toys belly glows and the color matches the shape colors. The toy teaches in English or Spanish. While your little one giggles and feeds his hippo friend he will be learning about cause and effect and developing his motor skills. Start the hippo-feeding frenzy with the color me hungry hippo toy.. Toy comes with 5 shapes and instructions.. Ages 6 to 36 months.. Item Weight - 1.94 lbs.

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Colors, shapes, counting, foods: Your little one is going to find out so much with his Color Me Hungry Hippo buddy. With more than 45 sound effects, tunes and activities, this hippo toy challenges your little one to feed it shapes and enjoy 4 play-and-learn modes.

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Comments / reviews:
I bought this for my daughter's first birthday (she's now almost 16 months), and I have yet to meet a little kid who doesn't love it. My friends' children (ranging from 9 months to 4 years) have similarly been enthralled by this toy, and I've been gleefully buying these as gifts for friends' little ones. It's been so fun to watch my daughter's dexterity grow as she learns to put the pieces in the hippo's mouth, and she loves the little songs it plays in celebration. Incidentally, the songs don't make me want to pull my hair out--another coup. She also loves walking around the house with the pieces and banging them together, and she likes to take the belly piece off (which snaps back in easily) and put the pieces directly in the belly. It's one of the toys she identifies most easily, and she goes running to get it when we ask her to "go get your hippo." As she gets older, I look forward to discussing numbers, colors, shapes, and foods as we play with the hippo. (Explanation: When you hit the purple butterfly button, it yells out a category (i.e., "Food" or "Colors") and then it says the name of the food or shape or color when the piece goes in the mouth. So, the yellow piece looks like cheese, and if it's set to "food," the hippo says, "Cheese!" or "Queso!" depending on whether you have it set to English or Spanish. My sister teaches Spanish, and she says the word Playskool picked for "Food!" is more akin to "Gastronomy!" which makes me giggle. I love picturing my tiny daughter's toy enthusiastically shouting, "Gastronomy!") The only thing to know is that the hippo does tip over when the little guys try to put the pieces in its mouth, so--especially for the those under a year--it's a lot less frustrating if someone gently stabilizes it :) All in all, a great toy that holds her attention and makes her happy. Score.

I bought this for my daughter's first birthday. It was a hit right away. She is now 18 months and it has taken on a more educational roll as she says the shapes and colors as she drops them into the hippo's mouth where as before it was more about the hand eye coordination, learning to maneuver the shapes to fit into the slot. I haven't used the Spanish mode much as I want her to really know the words in English first but I look forward to this toy growing with her in months to come.

I visited my 3 yr old grandson, he had this toy, and loved it sooooo much, when I got home, I ordered two more for my other 2 grandson's. You can "feed" the hippo in three different ways.... colors, shapes, food type and when you put the piece in the hippo's mouth, his belly lights up the same color and it says the color, the shape or the food type (depending on which one you picked)...

Had a little trouble at first buying the hippo,for 2 reasons.

First the yellow wasn't being picked up (we got that one from Target and returned it). Then we purchased it from Amazon and it came with the French option instead of Spanish. We returned it to Amazon and received the the Spanish version. I am not sure what happened but I personally didn't think it mattered too much because we only leave it on English anyway (wife wanted the Spanish one though).

Regarding the product itself: I love it and so does my son and wife. It is an extremely well made toy and is great with all the modes it has. I do think they should have included purple considering purple is in the little song it sings. All in all, my son loves it and is always putting the colors in the hippo's mouth. He even tried a few other things that fit but it didn't light up or say the color which is fine. It's a great toy and totally recommend it.

My autistic son LOVES this hippo! He's learning to use a tablet for communication and has learned his colors and shapes with this hippo in just a few days!

I rarely take time to go back and write reviews. This toy sits among many here at grandmas house. Hands down it has been the most played with toy in the group. Perfect for cause and effect when children can quite get the stars, squares ad other shapes into their appropriate holes. Only negative is that it works best if an adult holds the hippo up while it is being "fed". It, however, can and does get fed often while laying on its back. I'm guessing appropriate age range between about 13 and 20 months.

My daughter loves it. If you order this and it is stuck on blue, as in no matter what color or shape you put in it always registers it as blue/square/blueberries, there is a simple solution.

Throw it. Not kidding. A friend of mine had one and my daughter loved it so I bought it. It was stuck on blue, I happened to mention it to my friend and they said theirs did the same thing until one of their kids threw theirs. So I threw mine against the wall and what do you know it works perfectly now.

Great toy- my students love playing with it. The pieces are not easily breakable, but the belly is a bit tough to open for kids.

My kids love it, they all enjoy using it and they have definitely picked up on both identifying and naming their colors thanks to this product.

Great toy for fine motor but the lights/sound are a bit weak when compared to the 9 million other toys we have.

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