LeapFrog Leapster Learning Game Scholastic ISPY Treasure Hunt

LeapFrog Leapster Learning Game Scholastic ISPY Treasure Hunt

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LEAP FROG LEAPSTER I SPY TREASURE HUNT. It is easy to use. A good quality product.

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Discover treasures left behind by three legendary pirates! Reveal pieces of their treasure maps while playing I SPY riddles and games that build thinking and vocabulary skills. Leapster2 players can connect online for extra activities and rewards. And with the LeapFrog® Learning Path, parents can see what their child is learning. Appropriate for ages 4 years to 8 years. Works only with Leapster and Leapster2 learning game systems.

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Comments / reviews:
I bought this for my son, who is five and very bright. He loves I SPY games, we have Spooky Mansion for my desktop which he plays A LOT. This is a great way for him to have a fun portable game for long car rides...He enjoys the game, though the small screen on the Leapster 2 can make gameplay a bit more challanging than the game intends (fair warning- the larger screen Leapster might be better if you want that extra 1/2 inch) I wouldn't say it is the most educational game out there, but it does require some thought and isn't as useless as most video games for other systems...Overall, it is a good purchase and a fun game, and my five year old tells me quite emphatically that it rocks, but not as much as Digging for Dinosaurs, lol.

We bought this Leapster I Spy Treasure Hunt game twice for our five year old. Some how the first one got lost and she was devastated so thanks to Amazon we were able to get another copy. Kate spends hours playing this game and has gained vocabulary as well as problem solving skills while playing. The Leapster is a terrific toy. Hers has been dropped in a mud puddle and in a snow drift. It still functions flawlessly. For the durability of the system and the fun of this particular game I would give Leapster a five star rating and recommend it to family and friends.

I bought this game for my 4 year old since she loves the I SPY book series. It was a wonderful game to play along with her. There is a memory game, building game like Tetrus, and lots of I SPY hunts. There are 3 different games to play and once you find the treasure your child will feel so proud of themself. I highly recommend this Leapster game.

Kids enjoy playing the game.

The leapster is an old game system, but this game is pretty good. We have moved on to another system.

Of all the Leapster games, this one was the most fun for me to play with the kids. They enjoyed spending time sitting with mommy or daddy. It kept them engaged on long car trips and it was simple for the younger child to play even with her older sibling.

We just got my son the Leapster 2. He is 4. He loves it. In this game's case, the age recommendation is very accurate. My son and I simply play this game together vs him playing it by himself. The game itself is good. We have always been fans of the ISpy series and like the general premise of the game. there are elements of difficulty finding the items which is good to a point. Overall, it is a good product- go with the age recommendation!

My three kids ages 8, 6 and 4 all love their Leapsters. We bought this for our 6 year old daughter last Christmas. She has played all the way through all the levels and has gone back to do them again. Her 8 year old brother has done the same. There are four different levels which keep it interesting and by the time you are done and start again, it's pretty new. They like to see how fast they can get through it now. Good value and fun.

My kids have loved this ever since I purchased it. It is a great learning and thinking game that more than one person can assist with. This really helped my children bond and not argue by playing something educational.

I bought this for my 5 year son for our car ride to the beach and he loved it! He is a big fan of ISPY books and hidden pictures etc so this was a big win for me. It is also a fairly long game which is great because once he finshes a game he doesn't usually want to play again. This game has lots of treasure hunts and i would def. recommend.

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