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Introducing the next stage in the evolution of the music game. Rocksmith, the first and only game where you can plug into any real guitar. Featuring gameplay that automatically adjusts to your personal ability and innovative game design that makes playing music visually intuitive, Rocksmith will engage experienced musicians as well as those who have never picked up a guitar in their life. You'll unlock mini games to hone specific skills. You'll be able to choose from a large catalog of songs in different styles. Every copy of Rocksmith will include a revolutionary 1/4 inch USB cable that turns the guitar's signal from analog to digital, allowing it to be played through video game consoles. By plugging into your console, you'll develop real skills and real styles while playing absolutely real music.

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I've only played this on the PS3, as that's the only console I have. I'm in my mid-40s, and have tried to learn guitar off and on for the last 4 years. I've bought books, and courses, and downloaded tabs from the web, and watched videos, and while I've learned some scales and lots of chords and even memorized some guitar solos, the mechanics of playing have just never come to me. It's always frustrated me to know that despite all the chords and scales and tabs I've learned, if I were in a group around a campfire and the group asked for someone to strum guitar, I wouldn't volunteer because I just don't sound good when I play. I know that mechanically, it's just not there, and having 100 chords memorized doesn't help when you're constantly fighting with the guitar because your fingers are never in the right place and you never seem to land on the right fret. I think my big problem is that I never really learned how to play without looking down at the fretboard, and if I don't look, I'm lost. Books and videos can be read or viewed slowly, or paused, and they don't force you to learn without looking down.

I've now been playing Rocksmith for 4-5 days, and already I can tell that I've improved in this area, and the reason is so simple: you're forced to keep your eyes on the video screen, so you can't look down, and your hands have to learn how to find the 5th position (5th fret) without looking, and how to find the D string without looking, and how to slide from the 17th fret down to the 10th fret without looking. The challenge games, like shooting the cartoon birds, or practicing slides from all over the fretboard, actually work because they repeatedly force you to play without looking down. That may sound like such a simple thing, not looking down, but for me (and maybe lots of other people?) it means the difference between just noodling with the guitar and actually playing the guitar.

The song selection had me hesitant at first - many of the songs I'd never even heard of - but the reviews are's easy to enjoy all the songs because each of them is catchy in their own way, and each poses a particular playing challenge.

It's is a challenging game, at least for me, and I still have plenty of moments where I reach for the controller to hit pause just to give my hands a rest, or to get mad at myself because I messed up a progression I think I should have nailed, so my advice to beginners is to take your time and just relax and let it come very slowly. Forget about how all those instruction videos make playing guitar look so easy - I don't think it is easy, and it takes work, and hundreds (or thousands) of hours of practice over time to truly learn guitar. So you're probably not going to be playing the solo to "Sweet Child O' Mine" by week 2. But you will be playing, and making actual music, and for someone like me who has never gotten over the hump and never gone from a tinkerer to a player, this game might be the best $80 I've spent on any video game, and it may be the best learning tool I've ever come across. I wish I'd had it 4 years ago, but I'm glad I have it now, and I can't wait to see how much better I'll be playing in a few months. It's very exciting to feel like I'm finally getting over the hump, and that learning guitar may not be impossible after all.

First, let me say that I am extremely impressed with this game. I never would have picked up the guitar and progressed as far as I have using more traditional lessons. I hope they get enough sales to make future versions of this game. I really think this game will change how people learn to play musical instruments.

Several people have already said plenty in their reviews, so I'll include some random thoughts:

I AM A COMPLETE BEGINNER: I didn't know the first thing about the guitar when I purchased the game. I ordered a Fender BulletStrat from Amazon to use with the game. I am very happy with the quality of the guitar for $120. Be sure to purchase a guitar strap and some guitar picks as well. Other than the game itself, this is all you will need. I suggest a guitar stand as well, but you could live without it. Starting out, I watched a video online to help with how to position my fingers, hold the guitar, etc. It really helped a lot to get off the ground. If you are intimidated about purchasing a real guitar, don't let that stop you. You will figure it out.

WHY IT WORKS: You are playing instead of practicing. It is always fun. Time passes by so fast that I find that I can easily spend a couple hours with my guitar. I would never do that without this game.

LAG: I use an hdmi cable to my TV and the optical cable straight from my PS3 to my receiver. I don't perceive any lag at all.

THE SONGS: I am not familiar with most of the songs included. I think this is a good thing. Not knowing exactly how the song sounds ahead of time reduces my frustration at not playing the song well. If I know a song by heart, my lack of skill is more frustrating because I am more aware of the differences between my playing and the real song.

If you are like me and you have exactly zero experience and skill but have an interest in playing guitar, I suggest you give it a try. Worth every penny.

Let me start by saying I have been 'fiddling around' with guitars for about 4 years now. I have owned three different 6 string guitars until now, a First Act Electric(stole it for $40), an Ibanez GAX 70 (nice for $120), and a Dean Vendetta (also nice for $120). Never had a formal lesson, and never really got any good at playing whatsoever.

I finally decided to buy this based on reviews I read here. I was not expecting miracles, but a good reason to pick my guitar up and learn something. This game will not replace an actual teacher to play guitar per se, however, I am having an absolute blast. I have been re-learning chords, better strumming technique, and hand/finger/fret placement at an amazing speed. I absolutely love this game! I have improved all aspects of my guitar ability in only four days of playing for a little over an hour each night. It is fun, addictive, and well thought out. It gradually makes you a better player by introducing new techniques and adding more notes to songs you play. I love the 'Guitarcade', and I have only unlocked 4 of the minigames so far!! My ability to find frets without looking is ten times better (at least) than it was before I started (in just 4 days!!) I am kind of a perfectionist, so I spend time replaying the same song to 'get it' without sounding wonky when I just use the amp. I have learned many riffs and can play them without the game, and soon it will be entire songs.

Remember the feeling you got when you played Guitar Hero for the first time (as a non real guitar player)? Or when you finally made the leap to hard and expert and figured out how to beat "stupid pinky syndrome" ? Be prepared to feel like a noob again, but the reward is that you are now doing it with a REAL GUITAR! I actually bought a good (Dean Razorback DB- read my review) guitar for the first time instead of the cheap ones I have had for years. I am having as much if not more fun and learning all kinds of stuff to boot.

If you have some to little to no experience with guitars, get this! I would bet that even if you are an experienced guitar player you would find some value in this - at the very least as a practice tool or to master some techniques that have been harder to learn. I makes it fun and always keeps you on your toes based on how well you are playing. If you start to totally mess up on a section, it will 'gear down' to let you get your bearings again. If you are playing well, it will 'ramp up' and challenge you to get better.

Absolutely worth every penny I spent on it. Believe the hype - it is well deserved.
Check out Amazon Warehouse pricing - I got mine 'used' like new condition for $50!

I've learned more using this than I ever did when I was going to an instruction when I was a young teen. I still can't play any songs that involve actual cords but as for single string and double string I can do that now. I'm slowly learning where to place my fingers for what cords with out looking down at the guitar in parts of songs. It's helped teach me hammer on techniques along with a host of other techniques I have yet to get down, but I really like this.

I bought this version over the Rocksmith 2014 Edition for two main reasons. The first reason was because the price for this game along with the tone cable was much cheaper than buying the 2014 Edition with the tone cable, which also the made it much cheaper to buy the 2014 Edition Disc Only Version. The second reason is because once you have both games you can then for an additional 10 dollars (which is ridiculous that you have to pay more money) you can transfer most of the songs from your original Rocksmith game to your new 2014 Version through the Playstation Network Store, and use all the new and improved techniques with those songs now including no lag,no loading screens, and no freezing.

I received the Rocksmith 2014 Edition for Christmas and I have been told it's extremely improved from this version.
My cops has slight lag from string strum detection on screen. Also this copy likes to freeze if I choose to replay a song usually more than twice in a row and then I have to quit the game and then restart it again. The loading times are for every little thing you do it seems also.

I'm going to keep this short and sweet. I've been trying to teach myself to play the electric guitar (on my Fender Stratocaster) for years, and usually end up quitting due to frustration, but that has all changed. Thanks to this wonderful piece of gaming software I have finally manged to play an entire song ("I Can't Get No Satisfaction"), and it feels damn good. This only after 3 days of practice totaling just 1 hour and 30 minutes. Now I can actually sit down with my amp, and play the song over and over on my own. I don't get it perfect every time, but I play well enough to keep me HIGHLY enthusiastic about playing, and learning more. Ubisoft, if you're reading this I just want you to know you have my sincere thanks for making such an incredible game/learning tool. As a beginning player this is a must have if, like me you have struggled to learn the electric guitar. Seriously, don't even think about it, just add it to your cart and order right now.

I've been playing guitar for about 30 years. I don't have much time to practice these days, so my playing really suffers.

When RB3 came out with the "real" guitar, I bought it right away. Unfortunately, the "real" guitar is not so "real". It is a modified Fender Squire, but the neck is plastic and the frets are sensors. You also need to use a string dampner to play the game.

With Rocksmith, you can use any guitar you want (as long as it has a pickup). It uses an analog to digital converter, so it checks the notes you are playing - not where you are playing them on the neck.

Some nice features of this game:
* It quickly adjusts to your ability. It starts out easy, but adds more notes if you are playing well.
* The interface is very intuitive.
* You can use what ever guitar you want.
* It has exercises to work on specific skills.
* It has games that make learning new skills fun.

Some things that I don't like:
* Audio delays - Another reviewer said not to use an HDMI cable. This resolves the problem.
* Not completely accurate (doesn't always register the correct notes). New technology. Give them a little time to improve this.
* It takes a very long time to go between different sections in the game.
* You need to re-tune your guitar every time you start something (guitars generally don't go out of tune after 30 seconds...)
* Song selection is not great. So far, no new songs are available online.

I know I listed more negatives than positives, but honestly, I love the game. It is a huge step in the right direction. Enjoy!!!

If you are learning to play guitar, here is a word of advice: Get help from everyone and anyone willing to help you. You can learn something new from all guitar players.

With that said, feel free to pick this game up to use as one of your learning tools. You will not become an expert by playing this game exclusively, but you can learn a lot of good things with this game.

As far as features...

I like:
The amp feature which lets you jam out without interruptions.
The mini games
The in-game tuner
The fun "campaign" mode
The USB cable included is long

I don't like:
The fact that the riff repeater gives you "game over" after you fail at practice
The game doesn't let you see the full note arrangement of a song until you "unlock" it.

Final word: This game is not "essential" to guitar learning, but can be a nice tool.

This game is great and was definitely worth the purchase!

The game strongly recommends that you connect your audio separately from HDMI if that's what you're using. I tried it with HDMI only for kicks and could definitely notice the audio delay. Luckily I keep spare non-HD cables with my PS3 and had everything necessary. I use the same A/V cord that came with the PS2 - around $4 on Amazon, probably cheaper if you look hard enough.

This game plays just like guitar hero, except it compensates for the length of the neck/fret board by zooming out from the section you were playing in and zooms in to where the next notes are going to be. It is difficult to track exactly where you are/should be on the fret board, but the game comes with numbered stickers that correlate with the virtual fret board to help you out. It it taking some getting used to, but the number system definitely helps.

There are mini games that focus on specific to the guitar like fret board placement, chords, hammer-on and pull-offs, riffs, etc. I great way to help master the smaller parts of playing that can catch you off guard or are more difficult to learn and less common.

I was pretty brand new to the guitar when I picked up this game. It is hard to get a feel for which strings are which, but I'm sure that is normal for any noob. The strings in the game are color coded, which doesn't necessarily help when translating what you see on the screen to what you have to feel on your guitar. I've heard that they sell colored strings, but I'd rather not carry on with such a handicap.

The game also picks up on how many notes and chords you are able to hit and increases/decreases the difficulty based on such. I believe it will actively adjust the difficulty for similar parts of a song as you play, so if you're having trouble with the solos but are killing the hooks, the solos will dumb down for you while the hooks will throw more notes in for you.

The sounds of the guitar is great through the system and there are a TON of different amp and sound settings you can change to tweak your guitar to play as you'd like. This can be set manually or through presets provided by the game. The game also picks up any differences you make with the switches and knobs on your guitar, which is a pretty sick feature.

Really enjoying the game. Still just scratching the surface, but feel like a better player even after just a few weeks. This supports two guitars, so it is a good tool for so co-op play as well. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone interested in learning to play guitar or to an experienced player wanting to touch up on their skills or learn to play new songs.

I bought this Rocksmith game and a Legacy Solid Body Electric Guitar and I absolutely love it. I took Strings in high school but have since lost virtually all knowledge of the instrument from just not practicing. Even in high school I could barely play out of the song book.

This game, if setup with the proper cables, is the best guitar game I have ever played. It will let you play and learn the guitar at YOUR pace. It constantly changes the upcoming notes based on your ongoing ability and keeps it challenging, but very possible. It is by no means an easy guitar hero game. If you go into this with the idea of a simple guitar simulation in mind you will become frustrated very quickly. If you're a beginner like me, you're going to have to sit back, relax and just play the best you can and let the game keep you on track.

Everything else has already been said about Rocksmith as it's a great game and can take you from beginner to advanced, as long as you have the time, dedication and patience.

Oh, don't let Amazon trick you into buying an extra tone cable as it comes with one.


One terribly frustrating thing about an otherwise great product is that Rocksmith tutors you in the smallest conceivable bite sizes regardless of your overall "score" or rating. No matter how perfect you played the previous song, and no matter how difficult that song is, the next song in line, no matter how simple in comparison to the previous tune, levels only in the smallest increments. In other words, unless there is some other way that I have yet to discover in 50-or-so hours of play, you must play and more-or-less ace a dumbed-down version of each song four or five times before the game shows you the full dynamic.

By dumbed-down, I mean this: Instead of simply telling you to strum a G chord (one of the first things any guitarist learns), it will tell you to hit the top string of the third fret once every couple of seconds. It is excruciating knowing a song relatively well, or at the very least hearing and recognizing a chord, but having to sit and hum through two-or-three playthroughs while obeying the watered down single-note instructions that rarely even match the tempo of the song. Of course, you can strum the G if you want to and it won't penalize you - but neither will it recognize that you know what you're doing and reward you the points. Points matter - they are required to move along in the venues and, more importantly to me, unlock cool pedals in the Amp Mode.

When you finally level-up a song enough to display that one-or-two-pluck nuance that you've always wanted to learn, missing any single notes can cause you to be leveled down instantly. The notes you've sought to learn and practice will disappear before your eyes and will not come back until the next time you level-up the song.

Now, you can go into the "riff tutorial" and manually set the level of the song to show those notes that've escaped you - but this only plays a single portion of the song, not the entire song, and it also reverses and pauses on any note you miss. It doesn't reverse the song a couple of beats back, it literally pauses the song on the note you missed. It's clunky and basically useless, in my opinion.

Now, about that Amp Mode...

Amp Mode is the reason why I purchased this game. I was pretty disappointed when I found out that you have to play and ace songs in order to unlock the pedals randomly. I've already explained what a pain it is to level-up enough to earn points. Or, you can buy an unlock code. I hate buying features that are locked on a game that I've already paid for! In any event, many of the pedals are practically identical, so that it doesn't take long playing to unlock a pretty diverse group of amps, distortion and delay pedals. You should be able to recreate the sound you want pretty early on. Once you get that sound, you can easily lose a couple of hours just jamming out. I've got a headset so that I'm able to practice guitar late at night or early in the morning without worrying about waking anyone up... and to me, that was worth the forty bucks.

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